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Hello everyone, I am thinking about doing some per diem/ travel nursing in Phoenix or Tucson this fall/winter. I have heard that things are pretty wide open down there, is that true? Has anyone had trouble finding work? Let me know what you think, thanks!


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Do you have an Arizona License? You must be licensed by the state in which you want to work. Most Travel Nurses have several licenses. You can't use your WA RN to work in any state except WA.


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I am in the process of getting an AZ license


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PHX and Tucson uses a lot of travelers. I did a contract in Scottsdale, and my agency was able to get me an excellent rate. But there is an Assoc. down there, that regulates the pay in all of the hospitals for agency nurses. So many agencies pay poorly in AZ because of the assoc., and the hospitals cancel often depending on their contract with the agencies. So be careful of which agency you chose. I had guaranteed hours, so if they canceled I still got paid.


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Thanks for the reply. The agency that I currently has an office in Tucson and Phoenix and they have pretty good rates, very comparable to here. Since things are kind of slow in the Portland area (for contracts) I am thinking about flying down to AZ to work 6 or 7 twelves in a row and flying back. I am just interested in finding out how much work is available down there. Usually in my experience, since I am ER, they don't cancel very much I hope this hold true down there as well.


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yeah here in AZ ER nurses are in pretty high demand. which hospital do you plan to go to? and which agency is getting you there? because there are some hospitals not contracted with azhha and would pay more.

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