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Has anyone taken ASU's NET Essay & been accepted? I recently applied and was declined, mostly because of my essay. I got a score of .66 on it. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what the graders are looking for. I always thought writing was my strong point, but they must be looking for something inparticular.

I re-take my NET for reapplication the begining of January, any input would be greatly appriciated.

Thank you!


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I also applied recently and was declined. I barely missed the cutoff and it had to do with my essay score (which was about the same as yours). I met with a counselor to find out what the faculty is looking for, but she didn't give me any information. I am applying for the next cycle and recently retook the net and the essay. You get an advantage the second time around because the articles in the reading comprehension are the same. My essay question was also the same as the previous cycle, which I was surprised about. I figured it would be similar so I was sure to make out an outline and have a few thesis statements ready. The last time I only had time to do 3 paragraphs and I felt like my responses were really general as to why I wanted to be a nurse. This time around I took time to think of some personal experiences and some unique qualities that I think I would bring to the profession. With this preparation I was able to do a regular 5 paragraph essay.

Hope that helps! I'm not sure what the results will be, but I'm crossing my fingers!

Thanks for the awesome advice. I haven't re-taken my NET yet, so that really helps. The question was the exact same as last cycle "What do you think you can bring to the nursing field?", is that right? I think bringing a little more personal experiences into it will definately give you an edge, last time I was too worried about the time limit and was very broad with my answers. Let me know when you find out, I'd really like to keep in touch with someone also going through this cycle.

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You're welcome! Yes, that was the question asked when I retook it. Hopefully it will be the same for you. When I did my outline in preparation I geared it for that question, but I also thought about similar questions like "Why do you want to be a nurse", etc. Do some research online about where the nursing profession is heading and how you personally would contribute to the profession (i.e. educational goals, work experience/situations, etc.). Last time I really think my responses were too general, like "I would bring compassion" etc. This time I focused more on specific situations and was more knowledgable about the profession. We'll see if that is what they're looking for...

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