YRMC in Yuma - page 2

I interviewed for a med-surg position at YRMC in Yuma. I am ready to make the move around Aug to Sept. I will start as an extern 2 while I take my boards. For those of you who have ever worked... Read More

  1. by   MIM_RN
    I, too, am curious about YRMC. I have been looking on their website to see if I could get any good info about living/working there. I love the fact that it's not too far from the Sea of Cortez!
  2. by   chocolateskye
    Anyone care to update us on YRMC?
  3. by   79Tango
    Jessy, did you ever make it to Yuma? I have recently been contacted about ICU jobs at Yuma Regional as well as St Mary's in Tucson.
  4. by   chocolateskye
    One of my recruiters called about a week ago and said Yuma was still in need of Med surg nurses but for whatever reason they are taking their time getting back to candidates and interviewing
  5. by   Bugmom2
    Well I agree they have a very slow response time. I have put in over 20 applications. I turned down a prn position because it was poor timing on my part but other than that those 20+applications are just sitting there waiting for a response. Wish I would get a call!