What should I expect from Maricopa Community College Nursing Program- Block One?

  1. Hello everyone,

    I have been on the wait list for the Maricopa Community College group for just about 2 years. If all goes well I do expect to start in August of 2013. I work with a few girls that are in the program now and have talked to them a bit. BUT, I would just like to hear from anyone who is in or has completed block one... Any advice? What was it like? Was it as acidemically hard as they say or is it more just making time to study? Is there a lot of homework or just more reading? I have a 6 month old at home and work. I plan to cut my work hours down when I start but I just want to try to prepare myself...

    Thanks to anyone who responds!!
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  3. by   Soida
    I just finished Block One at SCC. It was a LOT of work. I won't say it was extremely hard, but I will say it was VERY time consuming. You pretty much have to plan on doing something almost every day related to school. You will have quizzes, check offs, tests, clinicals and the ever present care plans. I know that different schools have different schedules, but you will be very busy. We had 80 students start, 14 dropped, and 20 or so we in serious danger of not passing. You must have an average of 76% on tests, and a lot were stressing on the final.

    The tests are nothing like you have been used to. It's not like a test that requires you to be able to recall facts and figures. You will have to learn a concept, and then be able to apply it in whatever situation they test you on. NCLEX books will help you prepare for this. HESI books will help too, since we have to take an exit exam at the end of every semester.

    If you are used to getting A's, you might as well throw that out the window

    Let me know if you have any more questions.a
  4. by   tnbutterfly
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  5. by   miteacher
    I worked 5 days a week over 40 hours during the block 1 and 2 of the LPN program. It's doable. I just finished block 3 of the RN program, and I worked 30+ hours per week, and I ended up with a 90%. It's all about time management, I think. Just try to listen to lectures when you drive, clean, etc...I always tried to tape and listen to my lectures at home while doing other stuff, or driving.

    Every evening I would set aside some time to study my NCLEX practice questions on the CD for each content area we were studying. It's stressful working full time, and going to school so it's better if you don't have to. I did work full time in order to keep my health insurance. Many of the people in my class do work at least part time, so it's pretty common. I think you will be okay if you manage your time well.
  6. by   MsBruiser
    It is not academically difficult but very time consuming. Make sure you have a supportive partner and rock solid daycare plans. Reread previous sentence. No one will give you much sympathy if either home/childcare hits the rocks. Most people dropped out due to personal issues that effected their school performance. Seems kind of harsh but when you start working as an RN you really can't bring your troubles to work -- too much is at stake.

    I found the vast majority of reading to be next to useless. They will assign you 5 chapters to read a day. There is no human way possible to do that and recall much of the information. Take good notes and study the NCLEX questions. I recycled all my care plans, so they were initially very time consuming and then kind of a joke. Most everyone I knew were barely able to work. 1 very naturally gifted guy worked full-time - but he was really the exception.
  7. by   Kalinda117
    I would highly DITTO DITTO the comments from Soida above. Just finished Block 1 from SCC and its is EXTREMELY TIME CONSUMING. If you have children, it is almost near next to impossible to study at home without interruptions and you need to study without interruptions.

    my advice...schedule yourself library time to study if you are not able to do it during the day while your children are in school or daycare.

    Do NOT get behind and record your lectures. Listening to them and reviewing your notes and filling in the blanks with the textbook worked for me. I am a 4.0 student and always have been in all my sciences and math...it is NOT the same when you take that first exam. You will have to apply all your concepts to answer the "off the wall" new way of thinking of NCLEX STYLE. I would highly suggest the Fundamental Success book that has a CD with it to start reviewing concepts and going over the testing style questions. Select all questions always KILLED me and those are always on their tests in huge numbers. Remember those slides that have more than one symptom or characteristic of an issue a disease or a problem as those often appear as select all questions.

    Hope this helps! ask away while our minds are still fresh from the "wounds"!!! Good luck!
  8. by   Kalinda117
    and with a 6 month old and working full time....I honestly feel it almost impossible to work full time during this program. 20hours at most is probably doable however that is my own personal opinion...
  9. by   Hobberdog
    I just finished block 1 at ASU. Everyone here has given good advice. It is time consuming above all. Work will be difficult, but with time effective time management and sacrifice, you can do it!
  10. by   CinDRnyc
    Wow Great tips thanks ladies! I start Block 1 at MCC in a few weeks.....I will definetly be taking your advice seriously !
  11. by   brinpitts
    I really appreciate all of the comments. I am very lucky to have my family who babysits my daughter, the ability to cut hours at work, and a great supportive spouse so hopefully with all of these combined I can do it!
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    Just curious what is your timestamp brinpitt?
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    Sorry it took me so long to check back on my post. My time stamp is 2/4/2011 8:03am. What is yours?
  14. by   Bailando
    Have you gotten into the program yet? I am now on the waitlist and I am expected to be in within a year or less. I was hoping to get tips or just about anything. I am so nervous and stressed a little because I know how rigorous it is.
    thank you so much!
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