Tucson Medical Center

  1. [font=Georgia] Hi, I'd like to know a bit about nursing @ TMC.
    [font=Georgia] I have been emailed by recruiter for that hospital, and I have read what there is here about it - so far, it seems like a great idea.
    [font=Georgia] Denver had called me but warm weather sounds alot better this time of year, LOL.
    [font=Georgia] What I want to know, specifically, is if anyone else has moved to work there - did it meet your expectations? Was it worth it? Etc.
    [font=Georgia] Thanks.
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  3. by   iliket3
    I'm moving there in May to start in June (critical care class). I'm moving from MN because there are no jobs here at all and I've basically had it. I flew down and interviewed in Dec and loved it. I was completely amazed at how nice everyone was. Everyone seemed to like their jobs and were generally happy. Anyway - I was impressed so we're moving on down from COLD Minnesota (wind chill alerts 35-50 below zero right now). Yeah, I'll take it. Because I'm solely interested in ICU they had a class starting in Jan but there's no way I could get down there fast enough. I have a family and a house to sell. Bottom line, I like their style of management, everyone was very nice (not a crabby person to be seen), I'm impressed with their training program for ICU, all equipment is new, of course beautiful weather. It just felt right. I went with my gut feeling. Anyway, hopefully others will tell you good things. Good luck