Traditional placement for spring 2019

  1. Anyone heard anything for spring 2019 traditional program yet? I have applied to PVCC, Phoenix and Scottsdale still waiting here
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  3. by   Travis Scott
    Yes, i received a letter from Phoenix College for Spring 2019 two weeks ago!
  4. by   Lupita1987
    Great! What is your time stamp? I am from July
  5. by   Lupita1987
    Travis Scott, do you remember your time stamp?
  6. by   alliesweetie14
    last i heard it was around oct 2016-jan2017. Scottsdale is the furthest. I graduated from SCC, i loved it!
  7. by   Lupita1987
    Alliesweetie14 what was your time stamp and how long where you in the waitlist? Maricopa is taking too long. I heard they started sending letter of acceptance since September but I am not really sure of how long it takes them to send those letter. I asked an advisor she said they don't know too so maybe they will be sending them til November. In the mean time is hard to have a plan B
  8. by   alliesweetie14
    you can get a letter of acceptance up until the day before class. MY friends got letters in december and started in january with me. I got mine late november. Time stamp was oct 2015
  9. by   Lupita1987
    Great! This gives me more hope so fingers crossed. It seems like you got in within 3 semester which looks like my case
  10. by   Amae_11
    I applied January of 2017 and got in to Scottsdale. I got my acceptance letter September 10th
  11. by   Lupita1987
    Great! congratulation to you. So you basically got in 3 semester. Seems like most of the people getting in are from Jan but do you know anyone who is march,June or July who got in too?