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I was just hoping that some of you might be able to give me an idea of what is the typical starting income for R.N.s with an ADN in Arizona - particularly for Phoenix and Flaggstaff? Thank you, ... Read More

  1. by   mattsmom64
    Quote from Jeff A
    I am wondering if anyone knows what kind of work schedules may be available to hospital nurses...

    For example, I see a lot of posts about 2 shifts being offered - 7 am to 7 pm, and 7 pm to 7 am. Niether of those options are even close to being remotely appealing to me.

    How flexible and accomodating is the scheduling for R.N's? If or when I become an R.N., I would require a shift starting in the late morning or early afternoon and going on to sometime between late afternoon and midnight. Are such shifts commonly available to R.N.'s?

    I'm currently doing a clinical rotation at Banner Desert. The nurses there work all different kinds of shifts...Some of the shifts I heard about were 0700-1500, 1400-2200, 0600-1800, 1800-0600, 1100-2000...of course some of those shifts are 5/8's, 4/10's, 3/12's. I have a friend who works Baylor there, 16 hours on saturday, 8 on sunday and she gets paid for 32 hours.....there is a huge variety of shifts out there.....
  2. by   azhiker96
    I second what Mattsmom said. I don't know about the med/surg floors but I have seen a variety of shifts in OR, PACU, and OB. Personally, I'm looking forward to 3-12s but it's good to know there are other options for folks who don't like 12 hour shifts.
  3. by   cardiacRN2006
    OR and PACU will require a lot of call.
    You're lucky to find these shifts, nothing like that really exists around here. Like I said, when they are offered, they are usually snagged up quickly. I worked Baylor for over 3 years as a tech, but it was still 12hrs shifts, just 2 of them a week! It was great! But in the 12 years I've been working shifts in the hospital, I've found these shifts hard to come by.
  4. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Quote from thrashej
    So if I want to work at your hospital I can expect to make 27.50/hr if I work 3p-11p or 30.50/hr if I work 11-7??? Wow, if so that is pretty good!

    Housing costs are very high in the Phoenix area, though.