Spring 2013 Start @Glendale CC Hybrid Evening Weekends

  1. It only took 2 years, but...

    I finally got my acceptance letter letter into nursing school!

    I've been placed into the Glendale CC Hybrid Evening Weekend Program. I'm super excited, but of course it came at the most the most inopportune time. I'm due with my first child at the end of December. I have no idea how I'm going to handle being a first time mom, with a full time job (maternity leave for 3 mnths first) and going to school at night and on weekends, not to mention the financial burden of them both!

    Anyway, I've got a few questions for other fellow students that will be starting in Spring at Glendale with the Hybrid Program:

    When does it start? What are the actual hours?
    Whats the cost of books/tuition?
    (I'm not sure if this information has been released yet, so I apologize if it hasnt)


    How long have you been waiting?
    What are your other commitments do you have? (kids/full-time job)
    How do you plan on juggling all of the responsibility?

    Cant wait to meet some of you!(if I dont defer :P )
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  3. by   Eish
    Anyone else out there in this cohort except for me??
  4. by   megiepoo88
    Hi Eish, I was wondering if you decided to continue with the nursing program & if so what the hours are.
    I received my letter for the GCC evening/weekend program, but I work full time Mon-Fri during the day.
    Any information is greatly appreciated.