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My husband and I moved to AZ from Minneapolis. We knew we wanted to get away from MN weather, and we THOUGHT we wanted to get away from big city living. So we chose Prescott. Now, we're coming up on... Read More

  1. by   GreenWitch
    Quote from jnette
    I love Tucson !!!

    I visit my sister there as often as I can.. about once a year. She lives near the UA campus as well. Tucson has quite a bit going on.. lots of interesting things, a LOVELY zoo , all kinds of festivals, parks, artsy things.. you name it. Lots of intersting places to visit nearby as well. San Xavier Mission, of course Nogales down the road.. Tupac (an artist community) and Mt. Lemon just a forty minute drive up away from the heat and into to kool crisp air (about a 20 degree drop in temp ) where you are surrounded by pines and great camping !

    Sabino Canyon and Seven Lakes are other lovely places. Tucson has great restaurants, lots of variety, and it's pretty much an upbeat town. I would far prefer it to the big city. I'd NEVER live in Phoenix.. ever. And it is true.. Tucson is about ten degrees cooler than Phoenix.. it lies at 2000 feet above sea level.
    What's wrong with Phoenix? I was considering a move there...but you have me concerned