SCC Block 2? and advice for block 1 students

  1. MrsBoots... (you always have good advice!) or anyone whose finished block 2 at SCC?

    Any good advice for incoming students? Like what should I prepare for ahead of time... Our block 2 faculty did give us a calendar with information but any advice on I can get a jump start would be appreciated!

    My advice for incoming SCC block 1 students.... stay ahead of the game! Do not fall behind (its not impossible but makes for a long and stressful semester!). Read the power points... read the book only if you need clarification or if you have time! The books do give you a wonderful explanation but if you don't have time, then don't waste it!

    Make sure you do well on Exam 1 and 2!!!!!!! Exam 1 was the easiest exam and if you start your semester on the right track then it won't be so stressful towards the end... because at the end they will through so much at you!

    Pay attention to CLA - they come handy for your final practicum.

    Practice, practice, practice for the check-offs... you do not want to repeat them and you need the points, even if they're not proctored. The teachers recommend practicing at least 17 times, and I agree.

    Its never too early to start studying for the next week assignments. Stay ahead of the game again.

    Be on time... try not to miss class and really don't miss exam days!

    Hope that helps and I look forward to any advice going into block 2!

    Thanks everyone for your help!
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  3. by   mrsboots87
    Well, funny you should ask. I just took (and passed, woo hoo) my block 2 final today. But I saw the block 1 students as I was leaving, so I know you guys took yours today too. Anyway, block 2 is like a race to the finish. Once you start, its just blows by. I feel like it just started last week and is already over.
    The checkoffs only require an 80% to pass, which is super sweet, but your proctored points will literally only be exams. So there is not much room for error.
    You will have a math test the first Friday of class during pre clinical orientation. You will need to pass with 100% BUT it is basic block 1 math and you get up to 3 tries I believe so dont stress about it. It is also worth no points.
    Exams are similar to block 1 in that the instructors only test on what is lectured. So reading is good, but if you cant fit it in, then as long as you take really good notes in lecture you should do fine.
    Definitely record lecture. Even if you havent been up to this point. A LOT of info is given in lecture (yes the lectures are more intense than the block 1 lectures). Its easy to miss things that were said and you can listen while driving or at the gym or whatever.
    DO NOT MISS a single lecture if you can. And if you do, have a buddy who can record for you.
    As far as preparing, review your acid/base balance and F&E because it will be reviewed in the first couple weeks and built on throughout the semester. Same with cardiac. Also, all the drugs from block 1 will be used all through block 2. But also get used to studying multiple drugs a lecture. However you can remember their action and S/E do it. They are on all tests, and the tests will ask very specific info about the drugs.
    KNOW YOUR LABS. There will be labs on all tests.
    Get the Davis Med-Surg Success. It is super helpful for studying. You can starting doing questions now if you want and review the rationales. It has great rationales for both wrong and right answers.
    For tests, the instructors pull a good amount of questions from the med-surg success book, the lewis online practice questions, and the adams end of chapter questions. Not enough to pass a test with, but any edge helps. Usually at least 3-5 questions are pulled directly from those student resources. You will also usually find iClicker questions on the test as well.
    STUDY like you never have before. Block 1 was good for learning basic assessment and the start of cardiac and respiratory. It also got you used to how to take an NCLEX style test. But the block 2 content, while not extremely diffucult, is harder to learn because there is so much of it. There is a lot more content to know for each test. Make sure to review ALL tables from the assigned reading because the instructors will use questions that have a detail from those tables. They will tell you this in class so its no secret.
    The two instructor are fantastic. They have a wealth of knowledge and will help you if you ask. If you struggle with anything, just send them an email, and they will either reply or set up a meeting to review. They really do want you to succeed, but you have to put in the effort.
    Block 2 is super awesome and really makes you feel like you are learning "real" nursing as compared to block 1. Clinical is way better in the hospital with more opportunities to practice skills.

    BLock 2 is easier and harder at the same time. The test are a little more difficult with more critical thinking and application questions. But you are also given all the information you need to know the answers. Its easier in that you now know how to take the tests and checkoffs are less stressful and there is not practicum or final presentation to focus on. So you can spend more time on studying, but the content is much more difficult because of the shear amount of info you are expected to know.

    GL and stay on top of your material. It is very hard to catch up once you fall behind.
  4. by   Kssable
    Very good advice! I will for sure keep all that in mind...

    Since there are no graded quizzes in Block 2.... do you think on the exams they will ask us questions from the syllabus or the student handouts? Because they emphasize that a lot!

    And clinical orientation... how important is it to have the Mr. Monsoon care plan complete and looking good?

    And lastly... what is the EBP? Is it a presentation in front of all your clinical classmates or just in front of your professor? Anything to be worried about?

    Thanks so much! And good luck in Block 3! You will do fine... I am curious to know if I ever ran into you in the hallways!
  5. by   FutureBSN2017
    I know its been a while since you posted this post, but I'm currently in block 2 and studying for our 3rd exam on Immune system and the pre-operative care. I wasn't sure which questions where you talking about "Lewis online practice questions and Adams end chapter"? Any help will be appreciated thank you.
  6. by   Kssable
    Lewis is the MedSurg textbook, and online at Evolve they have more practice questions. The online questions come with the book, if you bought it. Adams is the pharmacology textbook. I know MaricopaNursing changed the curriculum so its all different now. Wish I could help more!