RN relocating to Surprise, AZ...where should I work?? - page 3

Hi. I'm an RN moving from NY to Surprise, AZ in December. I'd appreciate any information on the best hospitals to work for. So far, been interviewed by St. Joseph's and working on an interview for... Read More

  1. by   Tess597
    I have lived in the Phoenix area on two separate occasions in my life, this time for over 8 years and I must say that St Joe's would be your best choice. St Joe's has over 100 ICU beds as well as all the endo, brand new PACU, Special procedures, and IR opportunities you could want. My brother has been a pt in the Sun City hospitals and did not receive the best care. Each time I was there, I saw only a couple of staff nurses and the rest were registry or travelers. There was no consistency in his care and it was utter chaos. I delivered my babies at Arrowhead as my OB's office is across the street; they took excellent care of my babies. Before I signed on permanent with St Joe's, I was hospitalized with meningitis; the insurance at the time covered Thunderbird. I have no complaints about the care I received though did not care for the ER staff when my brother was there on three separate occasions with a chronic and serious medical condition. They treated him poorly. My mom received good care there when she broke her foot. I have a lot of friends who have worked at good sam and left due to management; Thunderbird has better satisfaction rates with their staff. JCL Deer Valley is fabulous for peds as is phx children's and st joe's. If you are looking for neuro, go to st Joe's; it is world-renowned for neuro and all the valley hospitals send us their patients. If you want a small, community hospital, Arrowhead is nice. If you want pulm HTN, head to St Joe's. The new heart lung tower opens in August or September (sorry, I forget). Wherever you choose to work, don't always base it on which hospital is closest. Base it on where you get the best feel and if it has the area and qualities you are interested it. Most places have something great to offer and something to work on. You could always sign up with a registry and float about to get a feel for each place before choosing a home. Good luck in your search!