Rio Salado pre-Nursing classes - page 2

Hi, I was hoping that anybody who took their pre-nursing classes via online Rio Salado could share their opinions on how they liked the classes. I am taking BIO156 and PSY101 right now through... Read More

  1. by   CateJohnson
    If you could I would like some help with PSY 230 I am taking it now and am having trouble you say yours was easy????
  2. by   butterflydancer
    I am scheduled to take PSY 230 in a few weeks. What are you having difficulties with? I would ask who your instructor is, but I don't think you can PM now. The PP were talking about PSY 240, which is a different class. Good luck in this class!
  3. by   CateJohnson
    yeah i have no idea how to PM... But the class is about the mean mode and z score raw score. and i am not sure how to find the z- score unless i have the raw score... which you cant get unless you have the z score lol as you can see i am like ummmm what! LOL
  4. by   butterflydancer
    I think you need 20 posts in order to be able to send PM's unless you have a membership with allnurses. But once you do, just check out your account and when you want to contact someone, under their profile click contact and then select send a PM.

    Does the instructor make him/herself available? Are the instructions not clear? I wish I could help, but I haven't taken it yet...
  5. by   CateJohnson
    thank u, i have tried to talk to the teacher, however the class for me is just confusing. I guess I just need to take time and re read some of the chapter. thank you!
  6. by   butterflydancer
    How about the tutoring? I have heard that the RIO tutoring is actually fairly decent. Good luck!
  7. by   mscardiacnurse
    I found that if I looked at one of the example problems in the book and plugged in the numbers I had then I could figure out the answers. My advice would be get some help ASAP. Each week builds on the week before and you have to be spot on for each step in order for the calculations to work. If you have any specific questions PM me, I finished the class in May with an A through Rio. Good Luck:wink2:
  8. by   CateJohnson
    OMG I would love to have an A in this class. I do not have PM yet... Still learning how to do this whole online board posting thing... My main thing is the raw and z score.