1. Hi I just passed the NCLEX and moving to AZ, whats the best way to apply for reciprocity?
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  3. by   suzanne4
    You are applying for "endorsement" not reciprocity. You just need to complete the application from the AZ BON website for "license by endorsement.

    Reciprocity was actually the term that was used when you did not take a national exam, but back in the days when each state had their own paper and pencil exam. Not all exams were considered equivalent and different states had requirements for specific scores on specific exams for specific states. Or when nurses from Canada could still work in some states and not have to write the NCLEX, but their Canadian exam was still accepted.

    This is not the case any longer. Now, a much simpler process. If your orginal state fo licensure is a member of Nursys, just that much faster.