Q: Transfer ADN Program to Tucson?

  1. Hey, I'm thinking about transferring to Tucson to do my second year of ADN at Pima College but would like some info first. Basically, what kind of hands on clinical's are you doing this semester (or did you experience the second semester of your first year) of the ADN program? This is the end of my first year ADN in Washington State and we've finished clinicals in long term care and are now providing care for one patient in the hospital setting. Starting next week we'll dispensing meds to our assigned patients and by June will be providing total care for two patients. I just want to know if I'll be behind, ahead, or on the same track if I transfer.
    Thanks for the info!!
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    Ditto the previous poster. I'm in the 3rd semester of the program. This semester we are doing 3 five week rotations: Peds, Psych, and OB. 1st semester we spent time in in nursing homes, and in the hospital (I was on a med/surg unit.) 2nd semester was mostly med/surg, but with 2 patients each.

    By the end of last semester we'd learned to do most nursing procedures in our skills lab, and if we were lucky got to do some of it in our clinical rotations. We can give all meds, including starting IV"s (can't give chemo though), we learned sterile dressing changes, starting/dc'ing Foley's, trach care, centeral catheter dressing chages...you name it. No more skills lab this semester, just lecture and clinicals.

    Good luck to you!