Psych Nurse Relocating to AZ

  1. I am a Psych RN relocating to AZ this summer, I am interested in a teaching hospital and /or ACT team. Please enlight me re: hospitals,pay, relocation bonus . Thank you.:spin:
    I need help
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  3. by   Kabin
    The big teaching hospitals are UMC in Tucson, Kino in Tucson, VA in Tucson, VA in Phx, Good Sam in Phx, and Maricopa County in Phx.

    If you're looking for ACT and Psych in Phx you'd probably want to look at Value Options. They have infamous history in AZ but somehow still have the AZ state mental health contract.
  4. by   nad1914
    Please ellaborate on " infamous history."
  5. by   Kabin
    You can google Value Options' news in AZ and find information about it. There were lots of stories about 2 or 3 years ago. Maybe Value Options members here can elaborate on it. Until then here's a related story about AZ breaking off that exclusive Value Options contract:
  6. by   Calzonan RN
    I'm doing my psych rotation for NS school right now at Banner Thunderbird. They seem to have a really good psych program and the nurses all seem to enjoy working there. It's a teaching hospital too, there's always students in there learning for an RN program and they also have high school students getting their CNA.
    There's lots of opportunities here in Phx for nurses!!
    Keli 8 mo 'till graduation