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  1. Hi! I'm new here but have been lurking around this site for a while. Have a BA in psych and did social work for a while but planning to switch directions and head into nursing. I plan to apply for PCC's program and I know there's a waitlist but am in no rush because I'm waiting for my 15-month-old to grow up a little more before I commit to it. There are 2 pre-req's I need to finish (Bio 202 and chem) before I can apply. I chose PCC because I have enough GI Bill to cover it and don't want to go into debt for more school. Any grads from PCC's program out there? How was it? How are the instructors? How time consuming is the program? I keep second-guessing when I should begin the program because I want no regrets about missing out on time with my little family. School will always be there. I have heard some say that nursing school is their life, while others managed fine by studying after the little ones went to bed. Would love to hear about anyone else's experience! Thanks!
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    I'm a 2nd semester student. 1st semester was a lot of work, and a lot of fun. The teachers are supportive and the classmates are amazing. I was able to balance a part time job and my family with nursing school, while keeping my grades high. I wouldn't want to try a full time job, but it's doable if your employer is flexible.

    104 schedule is like this: 2 days clinical, 2 days lecture (2 hours each), pharmacology is 1 day (3 hour) drug calc is online. My pharm and one lecture day was combined so I had Sat, Sun and Wed without classes. I hope this helps.

    In 105, there is something M-F, but working is possible if your boss is flexible on your hours. Make time to study, you will need it. For me 8-10 hours a week is probably what I did, but most of it was ad-lib.

    I had flash cards I would peek at at work during slow times.
    I listened to lectures on my mp3 player while driving and shopping.
    I had a study group that was amazing and we stayed focused.

    Oh, by the way, almost all the teachers record their lectures for you and you are allowed to record your own.
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    I appreciate your reply! Thanks for the info and glad it's going well for you!
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    I know you posted a while ago but I thought you might want to know how it might feel for your family.
    My stepfather/father is currently in the Nursing program at Pima Community College.
    I'm 18 years old completing my pre-reqs for Nursing but i also have younger siblings, one eight and one 14.
    He's currently in his fourth semester and he claims it's the busiest and hardest semester.

    Throughout Nursing school he works Saturdays and Sundays and picks up extra shifts if he's not so busy during the week.
    He says it doesn't seem difficult but because he has an older brain he has to put in a little more effort.
    He used to have time to do other things like watching soccer games and just relaxing.
    He does have time for other things and taking my siblings out.
    Nonetheless he does put in a lot of studying and effort and sometimes goes away for a few hours to study with his cohorts.

    But this semester everything is a little different. It's his final semester. He spent most of his summer reading ahead because the teachers posted what they would be doing ahead of time. He goes away for HOURS and study and before every exam takes that weekend off to ensure he has enough time to get everything down. I hardly ever see him. It's the busiest I've ever seen him. He always has about 5 books with him and also has his face in a book. He doesn't have time for soccer anymore.

    So what i'm trying to say is it seems manageable but the final semester seems to take a lot more effort to get by.