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I am from out of state and am considering moving to Arizona, the Phoenix area specifically. I will be graduating in December 2010 with my BSN and have no previous RN experience. I did work as an... Read More

  1. by   Lizzyru
    I was just told by RN staff recently that in order to be considered for GAPP program, even an internal applicant must have at least 3.0 average to be considered. And maybe someone was greatly exaggerating but I also heard there were 900+ applicants for the recent GAPP program. I realize it must be a highly competitive program but I hope this changes in the future. I am a PCT at PCH and the thought of not being able to work there when I do become RN is very disappointing.
  2. by   sarn123
    Unfortunately with St. Joe's peds now closed it limits opportunities for PEDS in az with one less facility to choose from. But there are still others. I worked there(Children's) for 7 years and recently had to "throw in the towel". I have worked at 2 other facilities here in the valley and must say that the environment is SO much more supportive. Look at the turnover rates, look at RN's and how many years experience they have. It is hard working on units where the majority are new grads. If a hospital is a great place to work you will find RN's that have been there more than a couple of years-enough said.Good media does not a great hospital make.