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  1. thinking about relocating to the phoenix area from boston, what are the pay rates like for seasoned rn with 21 years acute/cm experience
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  3. by   redwinggirlie
    Sorry, I can't comment on Phoenix pay rates as I live in Tucson (which in my opinion is much better than Phoenix as a place to live.... cooler, less of an LA atmosphere and smaller.... but that's MHO.
    I am a new grad, switching to nights and I will be paid 20.50 plus the 15 percent shift diff.
    Back to Phoenix. It's a very hot place to live, but it has a lot to do, unlike Tucson. People pretty much hibernate inside from May to Sept in the big P as the temps are outrageous. It does get hot in Tucson as well, but it's more tolerable. If you can, take a vacation and go to both cities. We're a hundred miles apart (Tucson's south and closer to the Mexico border of course)
    Feel free to PM me and I will answer any Q's you may have about either place.

  4. by   redwinggirlie
    Also, you might check out the two big newspapers here for ads, rental rates, etc.
    In Phoenix, it's the Arizona Republic. Their address is

    In Tucson, try for The Arizona Daily Star.
  5. by   infinity
    I think $20/hr is pretty great pay for a new grad!!
    I know many RNs with 20 years plus that would love to get paid that much!!!!!!!!! Let's hope they don't find out a new grad gets more than they do. Been a nurse over 30 years-20 years in specialty area and just now made it to $28/hr.
    More than likely you will take a pay cut-remember we have no unions for nurses in Arizona-it is an at will state as well as right to work state.
  6. by   Going80INA55
    You will not make anywhere close to the money you made in Boston, but the cost of living is much cheaper here.
    I don't work bedside anymore, but I am told they make from 22-27 before diffs.
    I could be wrong.

    I did see an ad for a psych facility north of town wanting nurses and offering 27-32 an hour.
  7. by   mag48293
    I'm thinking about a move to Arizona. Have a BSN, ANCC Certification in Psych/Mental Health, and over 14 yrs in patient experience.....all ages. Would you please tell me what hospital is offering 27-32 for Psych Nurses??
  8. by   Uptoherern
    phoenix st lukes behavioral health is one of the largest psych facilities. There is also the state facility down the street, but don't know that I would recommend it. I am not a psych nurse.

    I have about 12 years exp. (med-surg, tele, er). and currently earn $31 per hour as pool rn in er. This is in tempe.
  9. by   Azdream'nRN
    Several of the nursing agencies pay specialty pay for psych RN's. Some of them send their nurses to the county and to St. Lukes. I have gone to both places and have received specialty pay for psych. But you have to take their psych test in order to receive the specialty pay. You could work agency until you find the job you're looking for. Agency specialty pays around $30 per hour in Phoenix.
  10. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    I had clinicals at Arizona State Hospital. They have just built a large new facility. They have ads in the Phoenix newspaper frequently, and the stated rate of pay is higher than the norm for psych nursing in the area.

    Here's a link to ASH-

    Here is a link to a specific job opening with the salary range given:
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  11. by   mittels
    Some times the smaller hospitals offer larger pay because it is harder to find nurses. My pay is 28.80 an hour and have been a nurse for 9 years.