nursing pay "cap" is it true?

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    My friend just mentioned to me (we're both considering moving to AZ upon graduation) that she heard from a friend who is a traveling nurse that there are some sort of pay cap for nurses in the state of arizona. Is this true or can someone elaborate? I tried looking on the internet but couldn't find anything. she didn't know the specifics but I'm wondering if it maybe has something to do with travel nurses? i can't imagine they'd put restrictions like that out when there is such a shortage. any info would be appreciated!
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  3. by   cardiacRN2006
    To my knowledge, all hospitals have a range that they pay nurses. If you have enough experience, and you reach the cap, you no longer receive raises. This isn't just an Arizona thing. All jobs have ranges.

    At raise time, nurses who are capped out usually get bonuses instead of raises.

    My dh is a computer technician, and he too, has a salary cap.
  4. by   Kabin
    Nursing tends to be an overhead operation in the hospital as there's little the normal nurse can direct charge for. Look out if we could ever charge for tasks completed.