NET test in Arizona

  1. I was wondering if anyone had taken the NET recently in Arizona, specifically at one of the community colleges. I have to take it this month and am wondering what I should expect. I got the study guide, but I also have other classes right now and a full time job and am wondering how much time I need to spend preparing for this. I heard you need to score atleast 50%. Does anyone have comments for me on this?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!!

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  3. by   JDRT RN2006
    Hi Janice,

    I took the NET at GCC about 4-5 months ago. There are a lot of questions on it, but the only sections that count toward your score are the math and reading sections. The math is basic math, a couple of simple (one or two variable) algebra problems. There is a lot of fraction and decimal problems. There are a lot of percentage problems. The reading test is designed to measure our reading comprehension. You will read a passage and then have to answer questions on it. It was a different sort of test than I ever had in high school, as far as the reading goes- different from an SAT test (I don't know if you're familiar with those).

    Anyway, I bought the book as well. I looked through all of the practice math problems and felt confident about those since it was basic math. I looked through the reading questions and knew I would struggle a little with that.
    My advice--just be very attentive when reading the passage, try to remember little details because they will come up in the questions.

    I did not prepare for the test at all, besides ready through the study guide once. Depending on your math level, it may be like that for you.

    You are correct in that you only have to score a 50%. That gives us a good opportunity to pass. Good luck with the test! By the way, some testing centers will supply you with a calculator-I would choose one that does, it makes it easier. The testing center at GCC would not allow a calculator. The exam takes around 2 hours. It took me and another guy 1 1/2 hours.

    GOOD LUCK!!!! I'm sure you'll do fine......I worried way too much about it before I took it. Take care,
  4. by   Curious1alwys
    Thank you JD for the info. Can you tell me if you can take the NET at any college? Or does it have to be the same one in which you are taking the nursing program in? I must be flip-flop from you because my strong area is reading, not so much math. Do you know where I can get a list of the sites or a site name that lets you have a calculator? I sure would appreciate it. If I may ask, what was your score, study-free? How far were you from passing/minimum? Is it multiple choice?

  5. by   JDRT RN2006
    Hi Janice,

    I know that each community college has a testing center where you can take it....I don't have my paperwork anymore on where you can take it, but I will try and did up a link to the website. You might want to do a search on yahoo for NET TEST ARIZONA or something.....I'll check for you.....I know the website at GCC has a link......I'll check.

    I scored in the 96th percentile on the exam. My scores were a 91% on the math section and a 76% on the reading section. I guess, in comparison with the rest of the students who took the test, that put me in the 96th percentile???? I guess some people have had some trouble with it. At least we are allowed to score a 50% and still be able to begin nursing school!!!!!

    Anyway, I'll dig up a link and post it on this thread when I get a chance. I've got something I gotta do right now, and, barring my baby daughter waking up, I should be able to get you one soon.

    (I have no idea where they allow/disallow calculators, I would suggest calling each testing center.

    Talk later
  6. by   JDRT RN2006
    Oops, one more can take the NET test at any testing center. Just make SURE you bring a copy of your results with you when you leave the testing center. It is graded immediately and they are required to give you a printout of your results and where you scored (what percentile you scored in). I made a few copies of it just in case my school lost them or something :chuckle
  7. by   JDRT RN2006's all the info you could want...and more:roll

    That should help........these answered all my the lingering questions I had before the exam!!!! Good Luck!!!!!

  8. by   Curious1alwys

    You are awesome! Thanks for going to so much trouble for me!

    The flyer does say no calculators. Do you think none of them let you bring one in now? I am thinking I am going to very slightly study over the math and then take it. If I don't pass, I can take it again before I have to apply for RN.

    Since I have you here, can I ask you some other questions? Did you do your CNA classes through GCC? I ask because this is where I am registered in the fall (for CNA) but I talked to an associate today whom gave me some very negative feedback concerning the GCC nurse assisting classes and the instructors. Can you elaborate on your experience? She also said that Mesa/Boswell is very "state of the art" and one of the best schools. I have heard that Glendale is the best out of the MCC. Do you know any of these stats. I thought I had read that Glendale CC had the highest NCLEX pass rate. How did you decide where you wanted to go for your RN and how long did you have to "wait" after applying. I am banking on applying Spring 05' and getting in Fall 05'.


  9. by   michw2
    If you study the study guide for the math you shouldn't have any trouble because thats what is on the test. So If you take the practice test in the study guide that will give you an idea on how you will do take the test before you read it and then take the other to see what you have learned that what I did. We needed a 72% to get 3 point to help on our admission process. I took it twice the first time I got a 67%
  10. by   JDRT RN2006
    Hi Janice,

    Let's see.....I took my CNA at GCC in the spring and I thought it was a good program. It is very strict and structured, any absences and you are dropped and more than 15 minutes tardy for the whole program, they drop you. Several people were dropped during my program. That was a little scary-but like I said, they seem to really care that you understand. Also, you have about 20-25 homework/online quizzes. If a score of below 76% is scored on any of them (not an average) they drop you immediately. So it is a little scary. Good program though.

    This is how I decided on what school to go to----I put down 5 choices on the application and whichever one I was chosen for I accepted. I had GCC as my first and second choice, Boswell as my third, Phoenix as 4th, GWCC as fifth. I was selected for Mesa/Boswell so I immediately accepted the offer. I was happy that I was chosen and I did not want to wait another semester. My advice is, just take whatever they give you, you can always transfer to another school after one or two of the blocks are completed.

    I don't know much about the advantages/disadvantages of each school. I chose the schools closest to where we live because of the price of gas and my vehicle is not in good shape. I have heard good things about all of the programs. I think it is a matter of getting the most out of whatever school is chosen. I do like the idea of a high pass rate on the NCLEX and I didn't realize Boswell's equipment is so good-THAT'S GREAT!!!

    Good luck to you, before you know it you will be starting your program! They say it is about a semester's wait, but me and others did not have to wait long. Just make sure you get your application in during the "early application accepting week" during your last semester of prereq's. You probably already know that, but they accept your application early if you're in the last semester of prereqs and if you pass them you have the chance of having hardly any wait to get into the ADN program.

    I hope I've answered your questions, I don't have the post in front me. Feel free to ask any other questions. I'm starting at Mesa/Boswell in August.
    Have a great weekend!!!
  11. by   Curious1alwys

    So really you are starting at Boswell (sun city). That would not be so bad for me. I live in NW Phoenix.

    I guess I am confused with "early application week". I don't understand why you would get preference if you were in your last semester of pre-reqs. Don't you have to be done with them technically by the semester you are applying for? I did not think you could apply for Spring 05 unless you were going to be completely finished by then? Was I wrong? I know I got preference for nurse assissting because I am so close to applying for RN program....

    Thanks for your info. It is kinda scary. I have already paid my tuition, so I don't want to seek out another program now. I hope the information they give you is not so tough that I will have a hard time getting 76%. How would you say the curriculum compares, as to , say, Anatomy, as far as depth and conception? I find the sheer volume of information in BIO 201 makes it challenging, not the conceptual aspect of it.....

    Also....did you have a meeting before class started for the CNA classes? They say there is an assignment due first day, but I don't see where. Will it be in the class syllabus on the college's website? If so, the syllabus is not posted yet. I am not familiar with the "course palette". Anything you can tell me on this would be great too. I looked over the NET study guide lastnight and it does not appear to be as hard as I had thought. Maybe I will take this next week...

    You are very helpful. Thanks for replying! And many congratulations!!!

  12. by   JDRT RN2006
    Hi Janice,
    I will get some links for you tonight, I'm really busy right now. Don't be scared about the CNA, all of the answers are in the book, it's open book. Just be really careful because they really will drop you, I got dropped in the fall for getting a 75%.

    Yes, you can submit your RN application DURING your last semester of prereqs, they designate one week during the semester that you can submit the application and get put in the lottery. If you successfully complete your classes you can be placed at any time after that. They do placements every Tuesday, your chances are good at getting in, maybe not your 1st, 2nd, 3rd choice, but somewhere. Some people are really picky about where they go so they don't accept the offer and wait until the next go around. Once your application is in, make sure you check every Tuesday because they only allow 10 days for you to accept/decline the offer

    I will make a note to get those links to you tonight....the website where you do the assignments and the CNA website at GCC. I'll dig them up tonight, at the latest tomorrow afternoon, busy day today
    Have a good one...

  13. by   JDRT RN2006
    Hi Janice, I've got some links here. In order to use MIDAS you need to go to GCC High Tech Center I and have your student ID card swiped so they can give you a user ID and a password for the system. Once you have the user ID and password you can log into MIDAS and get your homework assignments and read and print the syllabus. EVerything is explained there

    this is something extra, I found it interesting and helpful

    Good luck!~!
  14. by   Curious1alwys

    You are so great to go through all this trouble for me. I r eally appreciate everything. I have learned so much thus far!

    I am getting really nervous......doubting this is something for me. I am trying to educate myself without really "scaring" myself. I want to read what it is to be a CNA, but I read it and then think "Does this sound like me?" and scrunch up my nose. I took all kinds of career tests when I was in my early 20's that told me I should be in a helping profession. Nursing was one of the options given to me as a good candidate. But, no one around me seems truly excited that I am going this route. My family just seems to be tolerating it, kinda in the same way they would tolerate a new fad. It's just depressing sometimes.

    Anyway, I am definitly not going to give up until I see what all this entails. I have never worked in a hospital. The most medical experience I really have is where I work now-a PPO network repricing/auditing medical claims. So, I get the bills from the hospitals. Behind the scenes healthcare I guess.

    Isn't there some sort of online "Nursing Personality Test"? Sure would love to see how I score..

    I am going to print out all your links and the story of the Nursing Assistant at work. I look forward to reading them and won't let them scare me off!!

    When you go to the GCC website, there is a site within the nursing site that has a link for the nurse assisting syllabi. You don't think I can just get what I need from here? I will go to the center at GCC when I take the NET.

    Thanks JD!