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Hi everyone, I'm Lily. I am applying to NAU's 2012 program and was hoping for any advice with the HESI A2 (what books to study since I've heard many bad reviews about the review) I know it's some... Read More

  1. by   jjm24
    Hi Everyone!

    I found an article online regarding NAU's Nursing Program for the Spring of 2012:
  2. by   thedeazy
    Hey everyone,

    This thread is awesome. I'm applying for the Fall 2012 NAU Tucson next year and its been a huge help hearing all the progress you Springies are making. I'd love to hear more as you all find out your acceptances.

    Also looking into PMI for their program as well. Coming from CA, I need to land something in Tucson and get started in a program ASAP. No wait lists, Blech! Anyways, keep it up, looking forward to getting this ball rolling.

  3. by   lilyblooming
    I actually started this thread but am no longer a Spring 2012 hopeful but a Fall 2012 hopeful! This has really helped me and I hope everyone will post their acceptances. Thank you for everyone's help!
  4. by   jjm24
    Hi Lily!

    If you don't mind me asking, what made you change your mind?
  5. by   thedeazy
    oooo, competition, I love it! just kidding, what campus are you going for? It's going to be interesting getting all this done from California... Praying it works out.
  6. by   lilyblooming
    I was originally a Spring 2012 applicant so I decided to spend a month of my summer volunteering in Costa Rica when I found out a bio class I wanted to retake was cancelled. I looked through my transcripts, and researched a lot on the Kaplan and thought it was best if I just spent this semester acing micro and physiology. Then I will be fully prepared for the Kaplan in the Spring.

    I guess I wanted to make sure I had the best odds of getting in.

    I am applying for Tucson as my first choice and Flagstaff 2nd. (NAU is also the only place I am applying)

    I might have to start a new thread for Fall 2012 hopefuls out there.!

    QUESTION: Was there any chemistry on the Kaplan??
  7. by   thedeazy
    I havent taken the Kaplan yet. I'm looking into getting a study guide for it, though. Want to get a good grade on it, but from the last group of threads, sounds like 78%'s are average!

    So how does that work, with the alternative campus choices? Such as, if I was to put Tucson as first, and Flagstaff as second choice, and I get accepted into Flagstaff, is there any chance of getting into Tucson? Or, If I began the program in Flagstaff, could I transfer down to Tucson if a spot became available? I wish I could go in to one of their information sessions, but its a bit of a drive (11 hours) haha.

    Costa Rica! Thats awesome! I love it there. My sister volunteered and worked for an agency doing health care in a small town outside of San Jose for six years. She loved it!
  8. by   jjm24
    There's no chemistry or biology on the Kaplan. The science portion is only A&P. On page 5 of this thread, I posted a link to a Kaplan study guide I found online that has some sample questions. Just a side note, in my opinion the Kaplan study guide is nothing like the exam. You will need to study A&P more in depth than the guide. The math is pretty simple. Good luck to you guys! I'm getting anxious because I know we should be hearing something soon!
  9. by   lilyblooming
    Jane, I hope you let us know your status as soon as you know! Good luck!! You have been super helpful.

    Lucas, I have been to an information session and asked that question. Apparently, wherever you get in is where you stay. There's no hoping back and forth. If a spot opens up I believe it goes to the next person on the alternate list. I am not positive about this information though (this info sesh was in March) so I would give the NAU Tucson advisor a call - She's super helpful.
    I'm on the same boat - I am really hoping to get into Tucson! So I hope I get my first choice.

    Costa Rica was.. incredible. Totally worth being a semester behind! xD
  10. by   lilyblooming
    QUESTION: What classes do they use to calculate the GPA for applicants? Is it the 11 prerequisites? (plus General Education courses or not??)
    I rocked at the 11 Bio/Math/Stats prereqs but I had a couple Bs in the liberal art classes -- Should I be nervous about that? I mean, does NAU look at your OVERALL GPA or just the PREREQ GPA?

    -- Yes, I know I can just ask an advisor - Which I will do.. But I like the input from these threads =D
  11. by   anix5
    Hey Lily!

    They only look at your prereq GPA and are more concerned about Science classes than liberal arts, so I wouldn't worry about those B's

    As for the Kaplan, I took it in September and here is some of my advice:

    1) Study the Reading Comprehension section of the Kaplan study guide (I found one at PCC's Downtown library). It gave me some good practice and tips on how to do well on a Reading Comprehension test.

    2) For the math section, I suggest reviewing fractions, conversions (including percentage conversions) and basic algebra (I'm talking 7=2n+1 type stuff here).

    3) For the grammar, review punctuation, basic grammar (verbs, sentence formation, etc) and how to form a paragraph. (I know it sounds basic, but there were a few questions that really tripped me up and I wish I had reviewed this stuff before I took it)

    4) For science, like you've heard: all A&P. Definitely focus on how homeostasis is maintained and it probably wouldn't hurt to go over the vital signs and why they're important. They don't really test anatomy so much and I think it's because you have to know anatomy to understand physiology. For instance, don't worry about knowing all the names of the bones, but understand what a bone is, how it works and how it contributes to homeostasis.

    Also, I found this website extremely helpful when reviewing A&P and it also has a lot of math sections that I'm sure are great:

    I hope that helps you and any one else getting ready for the Kaplan. I find out soon if I start in Spring! If not, I'll be trying for the Fall with you!

  12. by   lilyblooming
    Thank you Ashley!

    That makes me feel a lot better. I have all As in my Bio classes and Math but a couple Bs in my liberal arts.
    That Kaplan info is great - I appreciate you taking the time to let us know. Very nice of you!!

    Please let us know of your status as soon as you know!
  13. by   kestep23
    I checked last year's thread. They started to find out if they were accepted or not around Nov 6/7. Hopefully we know by the end of this week, too!