1. Hey everyone. I thought I'd see if anyone else on here is applying to NAU's accelerated BSN program this application cycle. Looking forward to hearing from anyone who is!
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  3. by   ACAZ92
    Whoops... looks like there is already a thread for this --> NAU accelerated BSN 2018
  4. by   arcticfox
    I am!
  5. by   ACAZ92
    Awesome! Have you taken the Kaplan yet? I took it last week. Can't believe it's already application deadline time :O
  6. by   arcticfox
    OMG, I am so sorry! I read your post wrong. I saw the word 'accelerated' and I thought you were talking about the Pima and NAU CEP program.

    I've looked into this program and attended an orientation, but I'm trying to get through school debt free and kind of walked away from it.
    How was the Kaplan? I've heard it's more difficult than the Hesi! And are you excited?
  7. by   ACAZ92
    Hey no worries! I've heard good things about that program as well. Good luck to you!!

    The Kaplan wasn't particularly easy. I did well on it thank goodness, but honestly some of it was laughable. It was pretty badly written with numerous spelling errors and the like. Oh well, I'm glad it's over with! Have you taken the HESI yet?

    I am SO excited (and nervous)! And you??
  8. by   Jellybeanri
    I am taking 1 pre-requisite right now so that is in-progress. I can't remember how they take the in-progress classes into account.