Moving to AZ!!

  1. Hey all,

    Well, it's for sure, I'm actually moving to Arizona probably the end of this week! I'm going to be working at JCL and looking forward to it. The pay is very competitive (I'm coming from WA) and the benefits are pleasing.
    I'm from Seattle so I do know about big cities but Phoenix COLOSSAL big and it's gonna take me a while to get to know it. I've already done research on the city and activities and am psyched. I'm really pumped about the hiking opportunities there.
    For this gay mid 20s RN guy, this is the biggest move I've ever made. The farthest away I've lived from family has only been three hours! This will be considerably more.
    It would very cool if I could meet some other Phoenix nurses after I get into town and network. I don't want to be too lonely.
    I start work on the 15th.
    Thanks you all for reading and look forward to living in the Valley of the Sun!

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  3. by   Sk8rbug

    I'm from Seattle (Shoreline) too and have been living in PHX for 11 years!!! I'm finishing up my pre-req's for my RN and get to apply next semester!!! Where did you go to school? PM me if you want!!!

    Welcome to the Valley of HEAT!!! Get ready for the summer!
  4. by   jamonit
    hey you! welcome to the valley of the sun! i think you will love it here. it's very, very different than seattle, as i see you have researched. but right near JCL north mountain there are wonderful hiking areas....the dreamy draw, squaw peak, etc. it's gorgeous. i've lived here my whole life and i'm about to graduate and begin a new grad program at phoenix children's. my sister (who is 25) works in the ED at JCL as a patient advocate and she says that the hospital treats the nurses like gold, that most of the nurses enjoy working there, and that it's great. i had clinicals there (OB...ick), but i loved it. it's older, but it's nice. kinda shady around those parts at night, but you'll see it's no worse than any kinda-sketchy town....
    there's a happening gay scene in downtown phoenix, from what i hear. downtown phoenix is gorgeous...the encanto area, willow district. cute vintage homes, great bars and restaurants. lots to do. i think you'll love the fact that you can get around easily here...driving is a snap (as is parking), and the cost of living is really reasonable. is this a travel assignment or a permanent move?

    i've lived here my whole life...actually kinda near JCL, and i love it. the summers are hot and long...blah blah blah, but i think you'll dig it. i'm 28 and i kinda know fun stuff around here (i was a hipster-elitist music snob back in my day) so if you have any questions about fun stuff, let me know.

    oh and welcome to the land of cacti and dehydration!

  5. by   cardiacRN2006
    Welcome to Az!!!

    I'm in Tucson, but I agree that Phx is quite big! What a big change for you.

    I personally love Seattle!

    Have fun...
  6. by   nurseguinness
    Hey! Well I guess Phoenix is just reeling people in. I just moved to Phoenix last week from Houston I am about to start at Banner Good Sam as a brand new nurse. I don't know anyone here either all though everyone has been very nice so far.
    So far I have taken advantage of all the hiking I actually hiked squaw peak yesterday. Boy that was hard. Anyways if you want to explore the town with someone I am willing. Oh yeah so far this town has been super easy to learn and get around.
    Just PM me if you are interested. I am 20 something straight female.
  7. by   jamonit
    welcome nurseguinness!

    let me know if you want any info on good restaurants/shopping/whatever.

    PM if you want!
  8. by   zacarias
    Hey cardiacRN and nurseguinness,

    I am in Bakersfield, CA right now staying in a hotel. I'm drove from north of Seattle and plan to arrive their either tomorrow night or Tue morning. I'd like to see Palm Springs, although haven't the foggiest idea what to do there LOL.
    Jamonit, I will so keep you mind if I have any questions about Phoenix. You seem to have a lot of specific knowledge. Are you a new grad or experienced?