Mayo Nurse Resident Program March 2018

  1. Hey guys! I wanted to make a forum for all of us who have applied to the Arizona Mayo Nurse Resident program in March 2018 for the July 23rd start date. We can all share our anxiety and questions!
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  3. by   GypsySoul10
    Hello, I applied to Mayo also! I am from Illinois so wishing for some good luck so I can make the big move. My application still says received, I check it like 10 times a day I am so anxious! The wait is killing me lol
  4. by   Megash
    I applied as well. I am from California. My application still says received as well.
  5. by   AZ_rntobe
    I applied as well! I feel like I probably threw my application into a massive pile and lit it on fire but hey who knows!
  6. by   Blc178
    Myself and about 4 friends applied too. Now the waiting game begins. Thanks for starting this thread
  7. by   Sundevil2015
    Mine is currently still "received" as well. I graduated from ASU in December and I knew some people that got interviewed for the February start date. It opened about the same time in October and they began interviewing towards the end of October into November and then let everyone know their decisions in mid December. So that would correlate to us interviewing throughout April and finding out in May 😬
  8. by   Blc178
    I applied then and got an interview but didn't get the job so feel kinda defeated but not giving up
  9. by   GypsySoul10
    What was your interview like? I am so nervous because I have not had a job interview for nursing yet and I have heard they ask you scenario questions.

    I have also applied to Banner and HonorHealth so if I have no luck with Mayo I am hoping to get in with one of them. Have you guys interviewed at any other places?
  10. by   Blc178
    I have interviewed at all three recently and accepted a position at banner but waiting to hear from honor health this week. The interview at Mayo was a two person panel asking why I wanted to work at Mayo, why I wanted to be a nurse, where & what floor were clinical rotations at(which is why I think I got the interview) then some scenarios questions. It was my first interview I was still in school at the time and was terrified! Lasted about 30 mins.

    Banners process was easy with reaching out to the recruiter and the interview was actually with the recruiter and she asked behavioral questions and wrote them down. Lasted about 20 mins.

    HonorHealth was with the floors clinical director and such a stress free experience. She just talked to me and thought of some questions then gave me a tour. I met the staff and a few doctors. It was a pleasant experience! Lasted over an hour!
  11. by   GypsySoul10
    Oh wow congrats on the position at Banner! What location/floor would you be working at? I got a call about a month ago from a recruiter about a behavioral health position I think they were looking to fill right away, but since I am out of state and need some time to move I said I was looking more into a summer start date. They said there are more positions that will be opening for Spring/Summer and to just keep in touch, so I feel really good about that!
  12. by   Sundevil2015
    When did you guys apply for Banner? I've been waiting for them to put the West valley post back up for what seems like forever. Also, after you submit an application for a new grad position, are you reaching out to anyone before they reach out to you? I submit them left and right and get nothing but a rejection.
  13. by   GypsySoul10
    I applied like the beginning of February and got the call just a few days after which I was surprised. But now I have applied to a couple more and it just says pending recruiter review and I have not heard back yet.
  14. by   SADIEUSD_123
    Hey guys! I also applied, thanks for starting this thread! I am nervous to hear back. I have no experience with Mayo (clinical, externship, etc.) so I hope that doesn't affect me too much! Good luck to everyone, can't wait to hear who gets interviews/positions!