Mayo New Grad Residency Feb 2018 - page 3

Haven't found a thread for 2018, so I thought I would start one. Anyone else apply to the residency at mayo hospital?... Read More

  1. by   Nancy,BSN
    I haven't heard anything and my application is also still in review.
  2. by   azknur
    I received a voicemail about 1/2 a hour ago for an interview!!
  3. by   RaelBSN
    I got a phone call for an interview about an hour ago!!!
  4. by   Nancy,BSN
    I received a call for an interview today too! Super excited.
  5. by   kknurse123
    I got a call yesterday! My interview is on Monday. When is everyone else's interview?
  6. by   Nancy,BSN
    My interview is scheduled on the 22nd! That's awesome btw good luck!
  7. by   kknurse123
    Good luck to you too! Do you know how many people they are hiring?
  8. by   azknur
    @kknurse123 I can't say for sure, but I believe they hire around 30 people.
  9. by   Nursekayaz
    Hey guys! So happy I found this thread. I applied for the Med-Surg and ED routes of the program. Both still say "application received".

    Congrats to everyone who has scheduled interviews, that's so exciting!
  10. by   asu99
    I applied to all three AZ programs. My interview is on Monday, November 13th. Does anyone know if this is a multi-step interview process, or is it just the one interview? Also, does anyone have any intel on what types of questions they ask? Any tips would be greatly appreciated
  11. by   RN13333333
    Hey guys!! Congrats to everyone that got a call for an interview! My application says "in review" still but I didn't receive a call yet Wishful thinking that they'll call me Monday!!
  12. by   azknur
    In the past, calls have been offered over days-weeks so it's definitely a possibility. Good luck!
  13. by   Nancy,BSN
    That's awesome! From previous forums it looks like a one interview process. As for questions I'm not sure I would definitely practice your usual interview questions. However from previous forums I've also read they were asked a couple questions that threw them off... so maybe search some sample nursing interview questions online. Good luck! Let us know how everything goes!