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Haven't found a thread for 2018, so I thought I would start one. Anyone else apply to the residency at mayo hospital?... Read More

  1. by   megfogz
    Hey, Megash!
    It's tough applying from out of state! I still haven't submitted any AZ applications....have you? They all seem to require our test date, which we don't have yet for spring grads...
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  2. by   andythenurse
    Quote from SADIEUSD_123
    @andythenurse, BSN it wont let me send you a PM! Can you PM me first and see if that works? Thanks in advance!
    @sadieusd_123 it won't let me send a PM either. Did you get accepted to mayo MN?
  3. by   Megash
    I haven't been able to apply either for the same reason.
  4. by   JNurse1
    I'm gonna add you as a friend so that I can PM you!
  5. by   JNurse1
    Quote from andythenurse
    Hi! I just got accepted into a critical care floor at Mayo (MN). Send me a pm, and I can give you some tips. I'm sure it's pretty similar.
    @andythenurse, BN I'm gonna add you as a friend so that I can PM you!
  6. by   andythenurse
    Okay, I'll add you too!
  7. by   Megash
    HAs anyone heard when the application period for Mayo will be open? i know it is in March, but any more specifics?
  8. by   Ckastru1
    Hi @SADIEUSE_123! I am also from SD (go to school in MN) and am wondering if you have found anything about any residency programs? Do you know how soon new grads apply for jobs in AZ? Thanks!
  9. by   NEhusker2013
    March 20th-22nd 2018 =) For the start date of July 23rd 2018
  10. by   NurseKO93
    Thanks for the heads up! Just applied. It looks like it's a general application to the nurse residency program and there wasn't a specific unit to pick? Is this new?
  11. by   SADIEUSD_123
    I am so sorry @CKastru1 ! I just saw this. Nice to meet you. The only "residency program" I have found is Mayo's. I will also be applying to Phoenix Children's Hospital (starting hiring once you have received your ATT), Banner Health (start hiring in May), and Dignity Health (start hiring in May)! Hope this helps
  12. by   Ckastru1
    Thanks!!! I have been applying to Abrazo but haven't had any luck. I have called Banner to try to get more information about their new grad program.
  13. by   SADIEUSD_123
    I had a lot of trouble trying to get a live person to talk to about new grad programs at Banner Health! They told me that a "new grad" position will open end of april/may on their website. Good luck with Mayo!!