Mayo Clinic New Grad Oct 2017

  1. Hi all,

    I know this is a redundant topic that has probably been brought up a zillion times. I do apologize for bring it up, again.

    Does anyone know the process for applying at Mayo? I mean, I know they start in February and October the registration process. But, how do we know when they open the application process? I waited last year in October, and never got the e-mail that they opened the application process and then I missed the date. I didn't realize its open for two days only!

    Also, for those who applied and were accepted, any tips on what they're looking for in the resume? And what kind of questions they might ask? Or what kind of candidate they want?

    I would love to work for Mayo because I am literally down the street from them, walking distance from home.

    Appreciate any advice!
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  3. by   Egaddy
    I will also be applying! I actually just got back from my Summer nurse externship celebration at Mayo Clinic! I was lucky enough to be selected for the externship, I hope I'm lucky enough to get a position!
  4. by   hope2BDNP
    I hope someone posts how to get their foot in the door for Mayo. Volunteer first?
  5. by   Egaddy
    Are you in nursing school now?
  6. by   harajuku
    Here is the key to doing an awesome job at the Mayo interview - look up their core values online. Think of examples of how you may / may not have lived up to those core values. And be prepared to talk about it at length. Given examples of how you did not live up to their core values - think what you will do in the future if / when presented with a similar situation.
  7. by   Kssable
    Any updates on when they open to new grad registration?
  8. by   kadeedid
    It looks like it opened yesterday on the 17th Hope you get this!