Mayo Clinic Externship Phoenix - page 5

Hi, I recently got a call for an interview at Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Az. My interview is tomorrow, so I am looking for any last minute assistance with interview questions. Has anybody else... Read More

  1. by   Egaddy
    I'm unit 4E days!
  2. by   Sunnysideup31
    Congratulations! This will be such an amazing experience.
  3. by   Egaddy
    Got two emails yesterday with a lot of info.
  4. by   RNcaringsmile
    Hi Loveandkindness. Was wondering if you could share your interview experience. Was it a panel interview and what type or examples of questions asked? Any tips on how to prepare for the interview. Thank you very much, any info is appreciated. Good luck and Congratulations! All the best!
  5. by   taylormade26
    Hi guys! I know this is an older post but I wanted to check and see if anyone would tell me what their GPA/stats looked like that got into the summer externship? I just applied for this year but have a lower cumulative GPA, so I'd love to see whats possible. Thanks!!
  6. by   RaelBSN
    I believe I had a 3.14 GPA
  7. by   Sunnysideup31
    GPA 3.85- BUT...I really think it comes down to how well you interview and extracurricular activies. I feel that Mayo wants more from its candidates than a good GPA good luck!
  8. by   megfogz
    Hi, Sunnysideup31,
    I will be applying to the2018 Mayo New Grad RN program when it opens in March, and I see you've mentioned extracurricular as big plus. What sort of extracurricular are they mainly looking for? Also, does BSN give any sort of leg up or are most of their candidates BSN?