Maricopa CC Concurrent Enrollment Program

  1. Hey everyone!

    Im currently working on pre-requistes to apply for Maricopa Community College's AAS Nursing and CEP program. Because I've been told the estimated wait time for the AAS alone is 2 or more years, I'm solely interested in getting accepted for the CEP program. I was wondering if anyone has applied for the program in the past? Or anyone that was accepted into the program? Any thoughts or advice you have for the application process would be amazing!

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  3. by   Egaddy
    I applied in August of 2015 and found out that I got placement in February of 2016 to start August 2016. I turned the position down, because I was accepted to the nursing school at ASU, but there wasn't a 2 year wait.
  4. by   AZ Sunshine
    The waitlist for the AAS program can vary substantially depending on the size of the candidate pool when you submit your application. Where there was once no waitlist, there is now about a 2 year wait - give or take. Go ahead and place yourself on the AAS waitlist as soon as you finish your prerequisites and then continue on with your co-reqs for CEP. If you do get called for AAS while working toward CEP, it is a good idea to take the spot (you can always pick up the mid CEP after block 2). CEP has become quite competitive and there is no guarantee you will be placed just because you finish all the required courses. Placement would depend on the size and test scores of the candidate pool you are up against. I personally have been on the AAS waitlist for about 16 months, but I was fortunate enough to be selected for CEP during the last application cycle. Do your best to maintain a competitive GPA and get the best possible scores on the HESI to make yourself a competitive candidate.
  5. by   Apple-Core
    There are quite a few threads about the CEP - take a poke around here and you'll come across them! A lot of info too. But, to answer your question - yes I applied this past April/May time and was accepted in June. I just started the online classes with the university.

    The main thing to understand is that the CEP is that it is competitive, so even if you complete every class you need to apply, there is no guarantee of being offered a place. The best approach, therefore, is to make your application as competitive as possible by maintaining a really high GPA (absolute minimum 3.0, and honestly you'd stand a much better chance if you have a 3.5 or above) plus get a very high HESI. For example, to apply to the ADN, HESI passing grades are set at something like 75% for Math and 85% for English (don't quote me, but it's in that ballpark), but anyway - for CEP you really need both scores to be in the 90% arena. It's totally doable if you knuckle down and focus on those grades, then study for the HESI.

    The ADN has the pre-reqs that you'll need to apply. I'm with AZ-Sunshine on this, and suggest getting those classes done first and then submitting your application for the ADN. You HAVE to apply to the nursing pool anyway, regardless of whether you go for the CEP or not, so you may as well get this in ASAP. The current wait list for the ADN is about 2 years, so that gives you ample time to get going on the co-reqs. to put you in a position to apply for CEP.

    The reason you need to have your Co-reqs done before you apply for the CEP is that you simply will not have enough time to do them once CEP starts because you'll also have your online classes. One bonus of getting them done early is that if you don't get into CEP, at least you'll have them out of the way for the ADN!

    I'd also suggest looking at the CEP webpage and working your way through the university brochures...that will give you a feel for what uni you'd like to go with, and also some of them have additional classes that you have to have done before you can apply.

    HTH -
  6. by   Yuweezy
    I just finished my nursing degree through Scottsdale Community College this August. I applied for the CEP and AAS program at the same time back in May, 2015 with all my pre-requisites completed, and got accepted for January, 2016 start. I was accepted through Franklin Pierce University (CEP). I had to take a computer science class to fulfill FPU's requirements in Fall, 2015 prior to starting the actual nursing program. Regardless of which CEP program you get into, you're going to take one BSN online class during each normal semester and two online classes over the Summer. The BSN classes consists mostly writing papers, so it's not that difficult. However, you are going to manager your time efficiently. I finished my Block 4 over the Summer, so I put my BSN portion on hold, because I thought it would be too overwhelming. Franklin Pierce is very flexible with your BSN degree. NAU didn't let my classmates to put their BSN classes on hold, so some of them had to drop out of the CEP program during the Summer. I believe some of them got right back in and continued their BSN portion this Fall semester.