LPN-BSN student needs advice

  1. I was wondering if anyone knows if any hospitals that hire LPNs who are enrolled in an RN program. I just finished my Med-Surg rotation at U of Phx LPN-BSN and work homecare Peds and would like to get my foot in the door at a hospital in the valley but all I have heard is NO ONE hires LPNs. I used to work as an LPN back in NY state Med-surg Tele and no one will even talk to me here in AZ I will Grad my program in Dec 2010 and would love to be keeping the momentum going at work and gathering the most from my experiences. Any suggestions?? I mean I have even asked my previous clinical instructor to help me find a job and she says they are not hiring at Banner Estrella. I live in the West Valley.
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  3. by   JessLP
    It would be quite the drive, but I've seen LPN postings for the county hospital (Maricopa Integrated).
  4. by   benlpnstudent
    hi there tlc.365!!! while i can't answer your question i was just wondering if you like univ. of phx nursing program? you said you were in there lpn to bsn program, is there a wait list for that? is it a accredited program?
  5. by   OCD_Mom
    I don't know if they are still hiring BUT a couple of the nurses our son had on the Peds floor at St. Joe's were LPNs. You can try there first. You have some substantial experience and if you are finishing your BSN I can't imagine that the LPN status would count against you. Anything is worth the try, especially now days.