Looking for a job after RN refresher course

  1. I recently finished an RN refresher course, and am having a hard time finding a job. I know the market is tight. Has anyone else gone back to nursing after being out for several years, and have an experience they want to share?
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  3. by   Bubbles
    I completed an RN refresher course in 1999 and really did not know what I wanted to do. Hospital work no longer seemed of interest because most of the RNs where did my clinical exp. were unhappy. Got a summer positon as a camp nurse which was interesting. Then what? Hospital had an Open House and was hired on the spot for an extended care unit. Within a few weeks that unit had a budget cut and I was transferred to a Sub Acute unit. That did not work out - lots of issues with employer. Later told it was a very difficult area for a returning nurse to work in. Got a position with an agency working pretty much full time in occupational nursing, school nursing, clinics. Agency manager was great at looking at my background and seeing all sorts of areas where I could work. Now with over three years hospice experience I am having a difficult time finding work. It is a really tight market where I live. Hang in there! Looks like from these posts both new grads and experienced RNs having a hard time.
  4. by   ehlay
    At HC of Helena Regional Medical Center they need
    RN L&D PM me if you want the no.
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    Do you know about what they make in Helena