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  1. heeeeey im wondering if anyone applyed for the priority placement with john c. lincoln... i guess you find out nov. 3. i was wondering if other people who are affiliated with them applyed as well...
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  3. by   mytoon38

    I have applied, but I haven't heard about the priority placement. What is involved in it? I did read on their website, if you get hired soon you get a double sign-on bonus? Anyone know how much the bonus is?


  4. by   peeesh
    ohh.. im talkin about the nursing school thats with pvcc and jcl.. if you have a family memeber, volunteer, or work there.. there is a seprate application to apply this way... maybe i am confused you applied to work there or did you apply for the school? hmm
  5. by   mytoon38
    Oh, I applied to the hospital! Thanks for answering!
  6. by   1FineDay

    I am currently preparing to submit my application for the JCL-DV Nursing Program.

    To be eligible: you have to "be" an employee, a volunteer, or have an immediate family member thats employed by JCL. I went through the process of becoming a volunteer. JCL has 60 spots a year that they use at PVCC and there are only 10 public seats per year if you are not affiliated with their program.

    The deadline for this year is October 31st, 2008. You have to have all pre-req's done, NET scores, and Fingerprint Card in hand.

    I have spoken to the program director at JCL and apllicants usually get in within 12 months if not before. Which is great compared to the rest...

    This is the link to the MCCDNP waiting list! It's crazy, but don't get discouraged: https://hceweb.maricopa.edu/CFIDE/do...cementWtBd.cfm

    If your are accepted to the JCL program you will be required to work for them for 2 years after you finish your RN program at PVCC.

    Hope this helps!
  7. by   AmandaLeigh
    1Fine Day,

    How were you notified regarding acceptance into the program after you applied? I applied for the same priority placement this year and still haven't heard anything yet. The program admin said she would notify everyone no later than Dec 1st, but I'm not sure if she's sending out an email or mailing a letter. The wait is driving me crazy! Any info would be greatly appreciated!