IVs at John C Lincoln NM

  1. Does anyone know if floor nurses at the JCL -North Mountain get to start their own peripheral IVs? Thanks!

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  3. by   jamonit
    yeah they do. we did during clinicals.
  4. by   Curious1alwys
    Don't want to hijack, but how were clinicals at this hospital? What was your experience, LOVE to know!:spin:
  5. by   jamonit
    i thrashej....
    i liked my clinicals at JCL north mountain. i got the feeling that nurses mattered to the hospital, and most of the nurses were really receptive to having students tag along on their shifts. i actually really like JCL and the way certain departments seem to be very cohesive. i hope that helps. if you are headed there, i think you'll find it to be a pleasant atmosphere.
  6. by   zacarias

    Thanks for the info. I love starting IVs (I know we're poking people but...) I want to reply to my other thread thanking you guys for the great, positive information, I'm just on my way out now to start driving to Phoenix from the PNW. I will reply when I can!