How is University Medical Center in Tucson?

  1. Hi, I have been looking to relocate to Tucson. Does anyone know anything about UMC in Tucson? Any information will help.
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  3. by   badminton
    I worked there for a year.It's a great place to learn.They really take care of their nurses.The nurse to patient ratio in the med-surg unit is 1:4.
  4. by   inthesky
    It is Tucson's only magnet hospital and probably the best in the city. I have done rotations there, but not worked. The pay is on the lower side. Every unit probably has different dynamics. It is reknown for cardiac procedures.
  5. by   cardiacRN2006
    Yes, they use their magnet status to recruit instead of pay. I make about $5/hr more where I work now instead of what I'd make there.

    I heard that they can be hard on their nurses. Like writing you up if you aren't out by 730. I hear they are very strict. But that isn't always a bad thing. However, sometimes, I just can't get out on time no matter how hard I work...
  6. by   mcbismark
    Keep the comments coming on this one!
    I start the ASBN program in June with UMC being who I will work for after I pass the NCLEX.

  7. by   inthesky
    getting out at 7:30am is nice =) i had a *%*) AM nurse who during report.. "threw" my sticky note back at me, telling me to stay and complete it! I stayed an extra 15 minutes..just to have her complain that i needed to do something else.. then i told the (&_%( that i was going home =P

    i think hospitals are hard on nurses generally.. they want Robonurses. I haven't heard anything bad in particular about UMC.. and I dont make more money at St Marys. =P probably about the same.