Help with Reading part of NET Test-Please

  1. I took the NET yesterday at Gateway and just failed the reading part by 2 points. I had unanswered 10 questions. Ran out of time. Math was no problem.

    Bumbed out now cos I was going to apply next week to the Nurse program. Typically I have been an A/B student with all the prereqs? Now I feel like a loser. I guess I can take it in 60 days.

    Anyone have any advice on passing the NET Reading part?

    Does anyone know of where you can take Dummy tests online--especially for the Reading part?

    I have the Net Hobet help book already and have done both the dummy ones.

    I just fear that I have done all the work for the prereqs and now my Nurse school future is on hold cos of this test.

    Any Advice would be appreciated.

    Thanks in Advance.
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  3. by   Codeman
    Hi azscot,

    When you began the reading section, did you first read the passage then read the questions or did you read the questions then the passage? Some say one way works better than the other and I would try both ways on the example tests and time them. What I did was skim over the reading fairly quickly to get an idea of what the passage was about then I went to the questions to answer them. I did have to go back to the passage to find the answers but this method seemed to work best for me. I ended up leaving 3 Q's unanswered. From all of the people I've talked to, this was their struggle as well. You are not the only one and I wish you luck on your next test.

    Don't worry about the set back. I was hoping to get into the program this semester and I found out today that I will be waiting again. I reccommend taking the test more than 90 days before application due date because if you fail it, you can wait 90 days and retake it before the deadline. Don't give up on yourself and stay motivated.

    Best of luck,

  4. by   peeesh
    did u buy the study book for the net they have in the bookstore? that helped me alot get through the reading... and i read all the shortest paragraphs first.. and i skipped around.. i did not go in order.. that helped too!
  5. by   azscot
    I didnt know you could skip around. I will consider that next time.

  6. by   peeesh
    ya that is the trick, you are able to scroll through all the questions.. answer all the easy short paragraphs first. Then go back and read the ones that are longer and your not sure of. This really helps because you dont spend all the time sitting at one question, u are able to at least get half of the ones you kno done. and even more!!. resulting in a passing score! =) hope this helps! good luck! I did the same method on the math part.
  7. by   ArizonaMark
    Hi AZscot,
    I took the NET in 2005. I achieved the highest score that year out of some 250 testers. Why ? I'm no genius, there is no doubt. I studied for that darned test. There are books you can buy such as the one's mentioned above. But most importantly, you must go in with a gameplan !
    For example, I tested myself on every similar sample test I could lay my hands on. I timed myself each time I took the tests. Generally, you are looking at one minute per question if I recall correctly. You must set a pace and stick with it. If you get stuck on any one question, move on ! You could lose several valuable minutes on one tough question you are not likely to get right in the first place. Those minutes could be better spent on questions you have a chance of answering correctly.
    Finally, do not neglect the value of getting the highest score you can on the math portion. Remember, though you may have done well on the math, likely most of your competitors did well on the math too. So, you must do better ! That's plain and simple but true. If you got 45/50 correct, you must shoot for 50/50. Remember, one correct answer more could mean the difference of waiting out another year or being accepted into a program.
    Good luck !
  8. by   azscot
    Thanks for the advice folk.