Got into PVCC! Need INFO!

  1. Hi everybody! I'm new to the board but have been reading through it for a year now getting myself prepared with your wonderful stories and shared experiences. Such an awesome resource!

    Here's my dilema:

    I was placed (yay!) just one week ago into the PVCC/JCL program for Spring '10. Not sure why I wasn't called in August with everyone else... assuming somebody had to decline. Anywho... I basically had to give my 2 weeks notice at my job the very next day which was also the last day before winter break for PVCC.
    I was told that I was being sent an information packet with all the info I'd need in it so I could get started checking things off my list (TB test, physical, CPR Certification etc. etc. etc.).... well that was a week ago and nobody is at the school to contact for questions!
    Winter break ends the 4th of January... my last day of work is the 6th, and in between is the ONE day off I have while still covered under med ins. through my job. I have the day off with a dr.'s appt. scheduled in hopes I'll have the info I need to have him sign whatever it is he needs to sign and get any labwork done before my last day... all that and a root canal scheduled in the morning.

    I'm praying I can find CPR training this weekend... the packet will mysteriously appear in the mail and my acid reflux takes a day off.

    Is there ANY info anyone can provide as far as what is required before classes start. The day PVCC staff is back, is also the day before I fly out to California for six days to visit family while I can. I return the day before orientation. I feel like I'm flying blind here.

    :bowingpurThanks for any info you guys can provide and HAPPY NEW YEARS!
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  3. by   SNIXRN
    Hey! Congrats on getting in!

    I started at GCC last year but I remember that we needed a copy of our immunizations, an up-to-date TB skin test, also, when you get your packet there will be a paper that you have to bring to your doctor so he/she can clear you to function as a nursing student. You will also need your CPR card.

    Found this, it's a list of places that offer CPR certification in the Phoenix area

    Also, if you can you might want to keep driving down to PVCC and pop into their nursing department - you might be able to find someone (instructor, secretary) that can help you out more. The campus is technically on break but I'm sure you can come across nursing staff.
  4. by   iggys
    You can find the Health and Safety Declaration form on the following link:
    This is the form that you will need to have your doctor sign.
    Hope this helps a bit!
  5. by   alliphx
    Thanks you guys!
    I love it... about an hour after I started this thread, I found (well... rediscovered) the main Maricopa site with all the info I need and then recieved the info packet the next day! LOL

    Let me tell you.. I slept GREAT that night!

    My last day at my desk job is Wednesday and then (que 'Eye of the Tiger') I BEGIN!

    Thank you again my friends!