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Hi, everyone I was accepted into the Concurrent Program at GCC in the fall but starts this summer with the NAU class. I was wanting to know if there was anyone else on here who got accepted? :)... Read More

  1. by   BSN-Path
    oh my, i just checked again and the asu cep info session for mesa is full it just came out yesterday!!! there are 3 seats still open for the mesa banner boswell (sun city campus) if you can not get into the info session i will do my best to tell you what they told us. i will be going to the one at banner boswell (sun city campus).
  2. by   jjanous
    For those of you who already started this semester the NAU program, how is it going? Are the online classes more difficult than you think they would be otherwise?
  3. by   cherryobebe
    I also would like to know how those in the GCC/NAU CEP are feeling about the course load!

    I was SO ecstatic when I found out that there was going to be a CEP with ASU. I immediately signed up for an info session which I attended on Oct. 24th at Boswell. After getting home and mulling over the info, I was pretty disappointed. They shared the tuition costs for NAU and ASU concurrent programs. The NAU program seems to only be about $10K plus Maricopa's $2260, where ASU is almost $40K plus the $2260 and that doesn't cover textbooks!!!! ASU's tuition is calculated at $805/credit hour with a total of 47 credit hours. I was SHOCKED! Needless to say, as much as I wanted to attend this program, there is no way I am willing to pay that for their RN to BSN program, which is exactly what it is.

  4. by   BSN-Path
    i was just told that the $805 per credit for asu is with fees and nau is right behind that number the session did not have the total amount of nau cost per credit with fees.

    they told me to go on to the maricopa community college nursing website and look up the asu cep info it will tell you how to add up the cost and fallow those directions when you are on the asu website. i did just that and it did the calculations for me, which comes out to be closer to $11,500 not $37,000, so what is the cost ???

    the one thing they did say to me was "keep in mind that asu or nau cost does not include books." i think i might just have to go to asu to get answers. the $37,000 just sounds crazy to me. lets keep our fingers crossed and hope it is closer to $11,500, which comes out to be only a few thousand less then nau.
    i wish they would just break it all down for us and give us the cost with books and fees!!!
  5. by   cherryobebe
    When you say that you were told this information... who are they and was this at an ASU specific CEP info session?

    I was told this information at the ASU MCC CEP info session that was held at Boswell on the 24th. There have only been 2 info sessions on the ASU CEP. If you didn't attend one of those, then you didn't get the information. The advisor that presented the information clarified this verbally, as well as it was in the PowerPoint presentation that she showed us. She showed NAU over $300 per credit hour, which puts it over $9000, excluding books, etc. On the same slide, she showed ASU at $805 a credit hour and stated that this also does not include books, but does include program fees. If you go to Maricopa Nursing and to the brochures, you will find that NAU is 30 credits and ASU is 47. That also plays a huge role in the cost.

    I hope that the ASU/MCC CEP info session at Boswell was completely wrong and whoever you are getting your information from is right, but I don't have faith in that. Sorry. Good luck with whatever pathway you take!
  6. by   BSN-Path
    yes, i was at the asu/mcc cep info session at boswell and she said that nau cost ($300) per credit did not include the fees so i went on the nau website to find the extra so called fees. i am also getting my info from the session and from asu!!!

    the person i have been talking with at asu has been working on the cep program for a few years. i hope it is closer to $11,500. they change it week to week trust me!!

    grand canyon university along with university of phoenix will be starting their cep program soon, so let us see what their cost will be. an advisor at gcc also said it will cost closer to $30,000 for asu and that is why i need to go back to asu and find out before i apply.
    sorry, i wish i had a more solid lead, but i don't. let me know if anyone gets any more info and i will do the same
  7. by   BSN-Path
    "i hope that the asu/mcc cep info session at boswell was completely wrong and whoever you are getting your" information from is right, but i don't have faith in that. sorry. good luck with whatever pathway you take!"

    at cherryobebe,

    i did not say they were wrong! look at my post again. if you were at the asu/mcc session then you too should know she said that the $300 for nau did not include the fees and that asu did. the cost for asu is on the nursing website here let me post it for you below. i worked hard to keep my gpa at 4.0 so i could have options, but it would help to have all the info before i chose the path that works for me.thank you, and good luck to you too and please let me know if you receive any new info!!!

    tuition costs* for the required 47 credits of asu bsn courses can be calculated in the asu link to calculate tuition costs: http://students.asu.edu/costs
    use the following selected options when calculating tuition:
    academic year: 2011-2012
    residency: arizona resident
    campus: downtown phoenix
    academic career: undergraduate (degree-seeking)
    admit term: spring 2012
    admit level: junior
    college: nursing and health innovation, college of
    academic program: nursing, bsn, pre-licensure
    textbooks, supplies, and course fees are additional.
    *tuition rates effective 2/15/11 and subject to change due to arizona state budget appropriations
  8. by   AkAtHrt
    Hi everyone....so I have come across this email and wanted to say a few things. First, you have to go through NAU financial aid because you will get awarded more. The gal at the NAU north campus office in Phoenix has the info. and can answer your ques. about it. Also, apply to all of the schools if you all are able to then figure it out once you get accepted. Just because you have your heart set on one school doesn't mean you will get in right away. If there are any ques. about tuition costs....call the front desk secretary of Nursing at ASU be really nice and tell her you attended a session but just wanted to clarify tuition costs. She will either tell you or direct you to someone with numbers for you. You have to be in the Maricopa system and must have attended an info. session to get info. about the Maricopa community college/CEP program. If you went to an info. session for the CEP NAU program they give you a breakdown of costs and a list of approx. fees for books, lab fees, etc. Finally, don't stress if your name hasn't come up for the NUR 330 course. If you have been accepted into the program and waiting for them to sign you up it will happen. If not go to class the first day, and contact the NAU extended campus person and they will get it straightened out. Hope this helps good luck!!
  9. by   BSN-Path

    thank you very much, it does help and you are right! i hope everyone can keep an open mind and do not forget we are here to help each other
    akathrt are you in the nau cep with gcc?
  10. by   AkAtHrt
    Yep I'm in the guinea pig class! First CEP group it's great!!
  11. by   BSN-Path

    how did your first block go? did you find it harder with the nau class on top of all the other classes? how much time did the nau class take up every week?
    i hope it all went well for you !!!
  12. by   bsnnurse2be
    Quote from flutterby230
    Hi, everyone

    I was accepted into the Concurrent Program at GCC in the fall but starts this summer with the NAU class. I was wanting to know if there was anyone else on here who got accepted? I hope everyone who wanted in got in.
    I recieved my e-mail today and I got into the Concurrent Program at
    GCC. I am so excited.
  13. by   MissAmazing
    I got into the CEP at GCC as well
    Anyone else?
    I'm so excited/nervous!!!