Dignity Health New Grad Hiring Process

  1. Hey,
    I have an interview next week for a new grad position with Dignity Health Chandler-Regional. Even if I don't get the job I am excited to even get a chance to interview.

    Anyway, anyone here know how long the hiring process is for Dignity Health new grad cohorts? I already took the math test and answered some interview style questions through email. I now have a panel interview set next week with 3 managers and the new grad trainer/manager I believe. How many round of interviews does Difnity Health home before deciding or is it a one and done?

    I'm just curious if I should be waiting to hear about a job or preparing for a possible second interview after the first.

    Thanks to to anyone who may have answers.
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  3. by   AZRNallday
    Hey! I have an interview with Chandler Regional this week to! What day is yours?

    I think that there will be only one interview.

    Do you know what unit you are going to be interviewed for?
  4. by   mrsboots87
    I was told they are hiring for observation, cardiac/tele, and trauma med/surg. I am interviewing for cardiac/tele on Thursday. What are you interviewing for?
  5. by   AZRNallday
    Mine is on Wednesday! I think it will be for Tele too. Who told you that yours is for cardiac? I am just wondering because I know that they have Neuro tele, Cardio Tele and Respiratory Tele. I was thinking if they interview you first and then choose to place you in one or something.

    Also, have you worked for Dignity Health before?
  6. by   mrsboots87
    I have not worked for dignity before. But when I spoke with the new grad program manager, we were talking about the positions available. I believe she mentioned it was a cardiac/tele unit with some overflow from other units.

    But it it could very well be a mixed unit and I misheard, that would just be odd. Tele for those three areas are very different. Especially neuro. That's an area all its own with its patient type.

    Or you could be right that they will place who they hire on any of the 3.
  7. by   AZRNallday
    Yeah that's true. Do you know if they ask case scenarios? thanks!
  8. by   mrsboots87
    A friend of mine interviewed for the trauma med/surg today and said it was a lot of behavioral scenario questions. Not really clinical scenario questions. Like, "Tell me of a time when you were in a group and you didn't agree" and things like that.
  9. by   AZRNallday
    Oh thank you! What other places have you applied at? Also, do you know the starting base pay for the new grads at Chandler Regional right now?
  10. by   mrsboots87
    I can't apply anywhere else yet because I'm not licensed. My education just processed at the BON so I should be getting my ATT from Pearson Vue any time now. Once I schedule my NCLEX I plan to apply at HONORHEALTH Shea. If that doesn't go well then I'll branch out to more hospitals. I work as a CNA in a nice LTC that will take me on as an RN so I have somethin for now and can be picky.
  11. by   mrsboots87
    Oh, and I believe they start out at like $25 or $26 with a 17% night differential and additional 10% for weekends.

    Also, how lon after the BON processed your education did you get your ATT? The "pending education" on my license verification came off yesterday around 10 or earlier.
  12. by   AZRNallday
    I had my interview today. It was pretty good. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, but still an intense moment.
    I didn't even ask about pay rates, but did your friend ask that? or are you going to?

    Also, what school did you go to? It took awhile for my diploma to get to the boards, and then maybe a little bit over a week I got the ATT.
  13. by   mrsboots87
    I ended up getting my ATT shortly after I wrote that message lol. I test on 1/26. Yay!

    My friend has a family member who works for dignity chandler that told her that was the new grad pay as of pretty recently.

    My interview did not go as well as I hoped. I prepare for interviews and for the things I know get asked like strengths and weaknesses, and why I want that job and such. Then the minute I walked through the door I forgot everything. I have never frozen in an interview before. For my second answer I lost myself and had to ask to start over. It went decent after that but I just feel it could have gone better.

    I still have hope, but if I don't get this, at least I have an idea of what a new grad interview will be like next time around. Just glad it's done.

    I did ask about orientation. I was told it will start 2/15 with a couple weeks of simulation and skills training. Then get a preceptor for a few weeks on day shift. Then transition into night shift for the last few weeks with a preceptor.

    I also asked about patient ratios and was told its 3-4 for the tele units. We would start training on CV then move to our assigned units after that. So it could be any of the 3 like you said.
  14. by   AZRNallday
    Yeah, I was also overwhelmed at first when they were explaining the process and the pages looked like a lot of questions.

    What happened when you asked them to start over? Dis you start over just with that question or starting the whole interview?

    yeah....preparations for interviews are always good but they ask it different way and it can catch us out of nowhere! I prepared for case scenarios and diseases and they didnt ask about those at all. Did they ask you? Also, how are you preparing for NCLEX?