Current pay In phoenix,scottsdale area BSN 13 yrs experience

  1. Hello,
    I know this has been asked in one way or another 5,000 times but I havent found any current threads about this topic

    I am planning on selling my House in NY and moving to AZ permenantly, as I have a lot of family in the Phoenix/fountain hills area. I have been doing tons of research and spoke to at least 10 travel agencies that way I can scope the area until I find where I want to work as staff.

    most of the agencies are offering around 30-35 and 1000-1100 or so for living stipend. So the average Net,take home is around 1100-1400 a week. This is great but the cheapest I have found family insurance through any company is 700 a month. So plan B would just be to apply to a hospital as staff so I dont get killed for the insurance payment. Can anyone give me a ballpark as to what a staff Nurse with 13 yrs experience in either ER or tele/pcu would be an hour? Of course no hospitals advertise their payscale (except VA)
    Thanks so much!
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  3. by   Hoozdo
    I would say an agency is low-balling you with a pay rate of 30 bucks an hour. I worked
    on a seasonal contract about 3 years ago in northern AZ for 37/hr with 800/mo for housing.

    As staff, you will definitely make over 30/hr. I don't know if you could make over 35/hr
    but I would shoot for it.

    Warning - jobs are hard to find now even with a BSN and years of experience.
  4. by   nurseinpa
    I'm working with Banner Travel and am doing better than that. You may want to look into them.
  5. by   Anthonyrnbsn
    What are banners typical hourly rates for travel/stipend?

    Also do you have any idea what family insurance may be with them? D you get there regular benefits that you would get if younger their staff if you travel with them?

    Thank you