Chamberlain College BSN Schedules

  1. hey everyone! yeah i know, i have another question regarding chamberlain! lol. i'm starting in july and i was wondering for those currently attending for the bsn program what your schedules were like? i expect it to be pretty jammed packed since it is an accelerated 4 year into 3 year degree.. are classes everyday of the week and what times are classes, like how long are you there on an average day? (full-time student)

    also, did anyone's math class (algebra, int. algebra) transfer to chamberlain??

    thanks so much as always, in advanced!!
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  3. by   xcited2bAnurse
    I just started Chamberlain in March 09, and so far so good. The schedule and course load depends on the AMOUNT of classes that you have to take for that particular semester in the BEGINNING. When I first started I only had to take two classes, because i had taken most of the prereq's that were required for that particular semester. Im attending school two days a week, the first session i was taking Math 092, Math 114 and Anatomy and physiology. I finished both math classes in 4 weeks, because they are self paced, Hybrid, which means mostly online, and you only have to attend one day a week. The math is self paced so you could finish sooner if you want. Now this session Im only taking anatomy, two days a week. Once you start the nursing classes, your schedule will be very busy.....
  4. by   Chica17
    Hi!! I didn't know the math classes would be hybrid but I like the idea because I already have College Basic Alg. and Int. Algebra from another college that won't transfer so I was frustrated with that but I don't mind then if I don't really have to go a lot during the week! Thanks for the reply back & good luck on your nursing career!