1. I need to vent. I am a prenursing student. I plan to apply to NAU's BSN program for the fall term. I have CNA certification from Iowa (I didn't work as a CNA - just got certified when we moved to Tucson). Anyway, I applied to Carondelet for a PCT position and got flagged for not having met minimum qualifications. The posting said that the minimum qualifications were 1) HS diploma or GED. I have a Bachelor's degree. 2) Recent Carondelet PCT training OR similar training. I would certainly consider CNA training and certification as "similar" regardless of the state. The preferred qualification (not minimum but preferred) was listed as current CNA license. It annoys me they use the word license since CNA's aren't "licensed" to my knowledge but I am a CERTIFIED nursing assistant. I have a current Iowa direct care worker card. How in the world can they say I don't meet the minimum requirements. ARRRGGGG.

    I can't switch my certification to AZ because the course in Iowa is an 80 hour course and not 120 or whatever AZ does. From my researching it looks like the skills checked off on are exactly the same though. I can't see going through another CNA program when I don't want to work in a LTC facility I want to work in a hospital and the hospitals don't require PCT's to be CNA's. I am so frustrated. I just want to get my foot in the door with a hospital, work a couple of shifts a week, work on keeping my skills fresh and get experience to help me once I start nursing school.

    No offense to anyone but this isn't rocket science. How can you say someone that has completed any state's CNA training and holds a college degree doesn't meet minimum requirements? I realize they probably are looking to "steal" completely hospital trained PCT's from other hospitals but come on. They didn't even forward my resume to anyone doing the hiring to decide if they want to interview me.

    I wrote an email but all I have is the general hr email so I'm sure it won't go anywhere. How am I supposed to get any hospital experience if I can't even get an interview? From what I've heard they are using nurses as PCT's so I know they have an actual need.

    The only hope I have is that I also applied to UMC's PCT training class for March. Hopefully, they'll at least be willing to train a person that is already trained on the basics and then some.

    Thanks for reading if you got this far.
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  3. by   krenrs2b
    I have applied for the UMC PCT Training in March as well! I understand your frustration.
  4. by   Southern Magnolia
    Krenrs . . . let me know when you hear something. I imagine it won't be until after the New Year since the posting said it might take up to 2 weeks. It'd be cool if we both got it. What are you doing now?