Career Shadowing in Arizona

  1. Anyone done any shadowing of nurses or any other medical professions at any local hospitals in Az? Phoenix metro area? I want to shadow several different professions WITHOUT being a student.

    I am looking to do so and wondered if anyone had info on which hospitals may offer this.

    Thank you !!
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  3. by   azstudentnurse
    I shadowed at University Medical Center several times before I started nursing school. They are in Tucson but were the only hospital I could find that lets pre-nursing students shadow. You can pick any department you like; I picked OB and got to see births and c-sections. You get assigned to one nurse and just follow them around. They are really nice and teach you a lot. Their website: and go to the nurse recruiter section, and it has a phone number you can call.
  4. by   Curious1alwys
    StudentNurse......thank you so much for the reply!!I was losing hope!!!

    Curious......did you call all the Phoenix metro hospitals or only those in Tucson. Figures I live in Phx, but would travel to Tucson for such an opportunity. Let me know....

  5. by   azstudentnurse
    I didn't call all of them, I just looked on their websites. Basically I wanted something with no strings attached, where I could just call up and say, hi, I'm a pre-nursing student, and I'd like to shadow tomorrow in Labor and Delivery. I didn't want to have to go through registering as a volunteer, or an extern, candy striper, etc. I think with UMC I said something the first time about considering working there when I got done with school and wanting to see what it was like, or something like that. Anyway it worked After that I was used to it so I just called them and set up a day. A tip: do not email them; they never return their emails.

    That said, I'm sure that although many hospitals don't have a "policy" regarding shadowing, many might be more than willing to let you do so if you just ask. I did that with the Bethany Birth Center in Phoenix, and they were happy to let me come for a day and shadow. I do highly recommend UMC though. They were very student-friendly and all the nurses were used to and very friendly to students, which is more than you can say of a lot of the Phoenix hospitals

    By the way, if you find a Phoenix hospital that lets students shadow, let me know - I'm always looking! I'm closer to Phoenix than to Tucson.
  6. by   Curious1alwys
    " A tip: do not email them; they never return their emails."

    LOL, azstudentnurse..........I emailed them yesterday and they responded this AM! Very nice lady named Barb. I am scheduling a day. Unfortunately, I am in Phx, so this is not the most convenient of options, but better than none. Thank you for your help!

  7. by   azstudentnurse
    Hmmm...I guess they must just not like me (just kidding)