Brookline college accelerated BSN

  1. I need information about Brookline College Phoenix ABSN. Is it a good school and does it worth the cost? I have a family member who wants to attend but does not have enough information to decide. Thank you.
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  3. by   Lavender111
    Hi, I realize the family member might have made their decision now but I also looked into this school and I would recommend not going. The cost alone for their degree is 85,000+. With interest she/he could be paying $130,000 or more. Also, private for-profit schools don't have a great reputation with employers. Community college is an amazing choice. I pay $4,000 a year and you can always do an online bachelor degree later. I haven't heard any bad things about the program but having 100,000+ in debt is going to be a constant burden. She/he will make half that in a year and it's going to keep gathering interest. The convenience of the school isn't worth the cost in my opinion.