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  1. Hi everyone. I am planning on taking BIO 205 this summer at one of the Community colleges. Since I am a military spouse we are currently in San Diego and I am having a hard time finding strictly an online class. I am planning on taking it in the summer so that my son will be out of school if I have to take a in person class. I do not want to take this class at RIO. So far I have found that Phoenix College offers it online hybrid, with in person labs and Mesa Community College offers it on campus.

    I suppose I have two questions, first is Micro a class that should be taken in the summer? Or should it be taken in the full semester? Second, who has taken BIO 205 and where?

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  3. by   AZMOMO2
    Rio Salado College is 100% online except you have to have two exams proctored at your location. Since you are military. They will give you more information about setting that up if you contact advising.

    If it is your only class you can take it over the summer. It wasn't actually that bad as far as the class goes, the midterm and final are tough, but if you study and know the essay questions then you will do fine.

    I started it at Rio and wish I had stayed there for this class as I took it in person this fall at Gateway and that teacher made crazy hard tests!
  4. by   lovebug4002
    I personally just don't like Rio. Honestly, having the exams proctored are a pain, plus I have to pay $35 per exam proctored and that hurts even more. I just finished taking BIO 201 online at Phoenix College and everything was online it was great. I believe I learn way more online because I spend more time with the material than just the lecture time on campus. I am doing BIO 202 as well as Chm 130 online at Phoenix college this semester.

    Thanks for your response! =)