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  1. Has anyone taken BIO 156 through Phoenix College? Im very interested in this option but wanted some feedback. Any would be appreciated!
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  3. by   sassiebaz
    Wow, am I the only one to go this route? I thought I'd give online a try(other than Rio) Thanks anyways.....
  4. by   Knorremeisje
    I took BIO156 online at Rio. I absolutely loved it, I had a great instructor and really enjoyed the material. If you decide to go online, be prepared to spend more time on the class. Rio Salado's instructor require a lot of essays, quizzes and labs. Specfically for BIO156 we had to write 2 essays every other week, a lab report every week and a quiz every week we didn't have an essay. It was intense, but I learned so much.

    Good luck wherever you decide to go!
  5. by   West Valley
    I think Professor R teaches that class, he is fair. There are a lot of essays but if you do the assignments before hand like your suppose to several of those same questions end up on your exam. I believe your grade is totally based off your midterm and final, which you go into the school for. I was never good at doing the labs online and doing the additional disk, but it will only help you if you do. It's a lot of work versus having someone "give" it to you in the class room. It's a lot of self motivation, focus and studying. Hope this helps :spin:

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