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  1. Hey guys i just have a question about the ASU RN-BSN program. Im currently in block 4 and i wanted to proactively start on my BSN. Can i enroll in the online ASU Rn-Bsn while going to school or do i have to actually have my license to get into the bsn program. One person told me i could have got in during block 3 and then another said i can get in at block 4 so im just a little confuse. i haven't had anytime to see an adviser. thanks for the help!!!
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  3. by   mrsboots87
    Last I checked, only NAU offers an RN to BSN program start during block 3 if your have good enough grades and your nursing counselor signs off on it. I don't believe ASU does this.
  4. by   itscarroll15
    Thanks for the reply MrsBoots, i had a feeling it would be too hard to start now. i will wait until im finish with class. Thanks for the information!!
  5. by   mursetraining
    I am currently in ASUs program. It is not super difficult. It honestly feels like jumping through hoops. Good luck finishing block 4 and then getting started.
  6. by   Chazzie_Made_It
    ASU offers an RN-BSN program - but you have to have an RN license and it must be in good standing. I start in the Fall 2018. Just graduated in Dec. 2017 and started a new job, I should be done with my residency in June. In time for a nice vacation before starting the program.