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  1. Hello! I wanted to start a thread to see if anyone else on here is planning on applying to the ASU PBCNP for the year 2019. From what I understand application is due 9/18. I have an appointment to meet with the nursing adviser 3/30. I am super excited and have gone back and forth for years on this decision but after working in an ER for the past year I have made my decision. I graduated from ASU with a general studies BA in 2016 and started a MHA at GCU last year but have now put that on hold to just pursue my BSN. Any other hopefuls??
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  3. by   futureepinurse
    Best of luck, from a current PB student. Make sure you get your application materials organized well in advance. A ton of people from my cycle had to submit petitions and that was super stressful for them!
  4. by   J2Flowers1
    I went though the cycle last year & am very familiar with it. I wasn't able to study for the TEAS due to family death & a hurricane. It killed my advancement score, so aiming for a 2nd try.
    Last year the cycle opened on August 1st & closed Sept 1st. 2017 cohort had 48 seats & 48 applicants, so 100% accepted. 2018 cohort was 48 seats & 92 applicants. It was crazy.
    Make sure you apply to ASU now, so you can focus on all the PBCNP application requirements over the summer. Do not postpone anything. Hope to see you in January!
  5. by   RNmama2019
    Thank you! Did you go to Arizona State's program? What do you mean by organized? Any tips? What's a petition?
  6. by   futureepinurse
    By organized I mean applying to ASU's community health major by or before May. You don't actually apply to the post bacc program specifically. Since you completed your undergraduate degree at ASU, you should get accepted quickly. You have to be accepted by ASU before the post bacc committee will consider your full application including TEAS and nursing prerequisites. Give yourself enough time with planning the TEAS so that if any personal issues do come up and you find yourself without enough time to study, you can reschedule your exam for a later date rather than risk a low score. If you have any prerequisite courses outside of ASU that will be in progress during the summer that will make up any of the grades for prerequisite coursework, make sure they are done a month before the application is due. Sometimes towards the end of summer colleges get backed up with trasnfer credit requests and you want to make sure that all of the coursework needed to apply have been posted to your ASU account.
  7. by   futureepinurse
    And a petition is something that the other lady who posted on here can describe in greater detail. I didn't file one so I'm not sure what all you can get a petition for or what.
  8. by   RNmama2019
    Thank you for all of the info. I have been admitted to ASU under the community health major and have all of my prereqs completed. All that's left to do is take the TEAS. I'm nervous. I feel like it's been forever since I have taken a real test!
  9. by   futureepinurse
    There isn't a need to stress over the TEAS! It's very basic. Good luck!
  10. by   futureepinurse
    That being said... quite a few of my classmates were disappointed in their scores (still in the 80s though) and were expecting to do much better. So don't put off studying if you don't perform well on the practice exams. Also, students tend to perform better on the actual exam than on the their last practice exam. This obviously won't apply to everyone, but if you're teetering between high eighties and low nineties on your practice exams post-studying, you should expect to perform as well or better on the real thing. I can't speak for everyone in the cohort, but we are almost done with our first semester, and I am more than happy with my experience in the post bacc program. Of course we will keep all you future applicants updated as we progress, by so far it's been a great learning opportunity. I love my clinical instructor, I've made some fantastic friends who I love dearly, and I learn something new every day. Go sun devils!
  11. by   RNmama2019
    Awesome! Thank you so much for the information. I am so excited!
  12. by   Rocksinsocks5
    Howdy! I'm also applying for the 2019 PBN program at ASU. For those of you currently in the program, what is your schedule like? I'm trying to plan if I need to quit my part time job of 20 hours/week. Is anyone able to work while going through the program or is pretty much all your time dedicated to the program and homework?
  13. by   futureepinurse
    Quote from Rocksinsocks5
    Howdy! I'm also applying for the 2019 PBN program at ASU. For those of you currently in the program, what is your schedule like? I'm trying to plan if I need to quit my part time job of 20 hours/week. Is anyone able to work while going through the program or is pretty much all your time dedicated to the program and homework?
    There are some people who work! I can only speak about two people I know. One works full time as an EMT, and he is a rockstar because his schedule includes 24 hour shifts and sometimes he's worked all night and then comes to class all day. It's wild, but he manages and even has time for a social life! Another girl started off the program working full time but switched to part time right before spring break. I'll have to ask if anyone else still works and then get back to you. Our schedule right now is class Monday from 8:30 till 10:55 and then 3 until 4:20. The morning class is pretty mandatory because missing classes counts against your grade, and it's our toughest class (fundies+med surg) so we want to get all the easy points we can! During the front half of the semester we had lab tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:3 until anytime between 2 and 4. Then once we started clinicals half the groups went to 8 hour long term care shifts on either Tuesday or Thursday and then lab from 7:30 to 2 or 4 on the other day. Wednesday's we have class from 3-4:20 and then 4:40 till 7:40. Friday is class from 8:30 till 10:55 again, pretty mandatory depending on how well you're doing in the class because it's that same class as Monday morning. For the 3-4:20 class you are able to miss several classes without your grade dropping and then for the Wednesday evening class, attendance is not mandatory and you don't get points for attendance so I never go unless there is an exam. We take all of our exams on our computers via a lockdown browser, and we have to be in class for that. If your job is willing to work around your school schedule, I definitely think it's doable to continue working. I personally didn't want anything extra on my plate, but like I said, it is manageable for other people.
  14. by   Rocksinsocks5
    I really appreciate you laying this all out for me! It helps with planning life, haha. So if I understand correctly, this is the current schedule for the first semester?

    Monday: 8:30-10:55, 3-4:20
    Tuesday: 7:30-2 or 4 (clinical on either T or Th)
    Wednesday: 3-4:20 and 4:40-7:40 (last class optional)
    Thursday: 7:30-2 or 4 (clinical on either T or Th)
    Friday: 8:30-10:55

    If you don't mind my asking, how long did you study for the TEAS? I just got my study workbook and I plan on studying for a few months to up my score.

    I hope you're enjoying the program so far! (: