Arizona nurse confesses to murder on national radio

  1. A woman who identified herself as "nurse" called in to a live broadcast of the Tom Leykis show stating that because the father of her child evaded child support payments she "shot him in the heart - and because I am a nurse I know just where that is". The unidentified woman stated that both she and the father of her child both worked at an Arizona hospital. She further stated that because his BA was so far above the legal limit the police accepted that he committed suicide. In a replay of the call today millions of listeners again heard her live confession. Tom Leykis has offered a $5,000 reward for any information leading to the identity of the woman. Because she called the broadcast via an 800 number, it is likely that the authorities will be able to identify the number of the cell phone from which she called. An effort is in progress to determine if the call is a hoax; however, I heard the call and I was convinced she was telling the truth. She said "I got away with it". :angryfire
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  3. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Loose lips sink ships, and I think this "nurse" has just sprung a big 'ol leak in her own boat.
  4. by   barbie90210
    I'll bet she had a false sense of security. She thought that the call couldn't be traced. Evidently her number will come up on a telephone bill for the broadcasting company. She was quick to add "this isn't my cell phone". She said "they can't prove anything because he has been cremated". Tom said "the bad news is that they don't need to prove anything - they have your confession on tape!". She could have lied about her location though - and her name. With all the increased security, internet traces, etc. you have to wonder about the intelligence of this person. I forgot to say the topic of the show was about how lots of guys call in after dumping girlfriends they aren't happy with. Tom was giving the people who had been dumped an opportunity to retort. I think she probably hates Tom and that's why she confessed. I believe the original call came in at a listener party in Portland Oregon so it occurred in front of a live audience.