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Just wondering if anyone else applied to the program this past week. If so, maybe post your gpa and what school choices you listed and update when you find out if you got accepted. I would like to... Read More

  1. by   CDMZG

    Thanks for the congrats! I still can't believe it's real. From what a friend of mine was told (she was accepted also and has a lower gpa than mine) from a lady at Estrella Mountain, as long as you put GCC down your application was automatically sent over to Estrella Mountain (since it was not even an option when we applied). I am SURE you will be getting an email soon with your high GPA! I will be looking for your "I GOT IN" post!!!!

    And good luck to all who have applied and awaiting an email :redpinkhe
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  2. by   jhunold
    I GOT IN! Receved the email at 10:33 am. I was placed at GCC, my first choice.Good luck to all, and check yor email!
  3. by   CDMZG
    C~O~N~G~R~A~T~S to you, jhunold!!!! Isn't it just the BEST feeling ever to get that email???
  4. by   bsnnurse2be
    I recieved my e-mail around 9:30 this morning and got my first choice (GCC). Look forward to meeting everyone who got into GCC this fall.
  5. by   BSN-Path
    I got into GCC!!! I am very happy right now!! My friend also got into GCC!!
  6. by   CDMZG
    Congrats to those who got in so far!!!!!!

    Those of you that got into GCC what was your gpa?
  7. by   BSN-Path
    My GPA was a 3.9
  8. by   jhunold
    I posted my GPA before, but providing it again so readers don't have to hunt around for it: 3.82

    So we know that EMCC and GCC have sent out emails. What about the other NAU/Maricopa campuses? Anyone heard from SCC, GWCC, or MCC? Oh, I just realized this thread is for NAU/GCC, so maybe only those who wanted GCC are reading this. Still, I am curious.
  9. by   amberjms
    I haven't heard yet. Anxiously waiting to hear from an east valley school There is no other thread, so i have been following this one.
  10. by   bsnnurse2be
    I also had a 3.9
  11. by   peterbrasco
    We will be offline for a couple hours on Friday, Feb 17 to do the setup for Fall 2012 placment. We will email everyone remaining in the database after we go back online. We will also replace this note with some disturbing details of program capacities for fall placements because of the spots being taken for concurrent enrollment. Check back later in the day on Friday.

    I think some of the NAU/MCCD CEP program took spots of regular maricopa nursing program. Thats could be reason for the individual who got placed at EMCC. Thats what the above message is.

    I have been on wait list since 10/8/2010, will see if i get a spot through CEP program.
  12. by   amberjms
    I got into MCC/NAU
  13. by   peterbrasco
    I just got an email tonight. I got into MCC/NAU.