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I don't know why but I am embarassed to say I cannot get algebra for the life of me. I have mentioned this in some of my posts and Im wondering has anyone had this problem? I feel like this is the... Read More

  1. by   sassiebaz
    Quote from mimimartina
    Hi, I am a LPN for 14 years. Never worked med-surg, but did nursing home, psych, and substance abuse. Not once, in all these years have I had to calculate anything on the job, other than maybe dividing a dose in half or some other similar simple thing. I see no reason for all this algebra as prereqs. I am in my last semester of prereqs for the RN program, and was wondering what do you keep referring to about the "math" tests in NS. Are you talking about pharmacology? I thought that was the only math involved in NS. I never had algebra in high school, (am 50years old), and am sooo lost in these algebra classes in college. I'm passing, but not because I totally "get it". Just getting by.....
    I totally agree with you. Not just because I cannot understand algebra but because I have several nurse friends who say it is so NOT neccesary to be a nurse. I am a medical assistant and we had to learn dosage calculations too. I can get that type of math. I actually called a lady at the state board of nursing and we were talking abut the math issue. She had the nerve to tell me that if I didnt get algebra than I wouldnt "get" nursing. I was floored. Needless to say I am pursuing my LPN and will put my RN off until I can dedicate my life to understanding algebra. Or maybe I never will. But, I do know that I will make a great nurse regardless if I understand algebra or not....
  2. by   mimimartina
    You go girl! Sassie, you are absolutely right! You sound like you will make a great nurse,,,and don't let anything get in your way! Not even algebra!!
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    Can anyone suggest a good math teacher at Phoenix college or a school close by?
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    Can anyone suggest a good math teacher at Phoenix college or a school close by?
    I do know that for the Nursing program as PHX CC they only want Math 120 or higher. That isnt College algebra. Now if you want to move on to your BSN, I would suggest to make the MATH 120 pass it and then worry about Math 150 at a later date.

    I got this off PHX Colleges web page:

    The Math + Science Center delivers services, resources and programs to support Phoenix College students enrolled in math, science and healthcare classes. Through its activities and events, the Math + Science Center provides opportunities for students who share similar academic interests to advance their education.

    So it seems they have ways to help you with your math problem..

    Im a LPN at the University of PHX they have a LPN-BSN program, I just finished College Algebra with a _C_ and yes I did the happy dance when I got my grade.